Sunday, March 27, 2011

Welcome to the world.

Thursday, March 17th we welcomed two tiny precious people into our lives forever.  Our world will never be the same... :)  How overwhelming, wonderful, amazing, exhausting, and totally unbelievable. Sweet babies, I can't believe our dream finally came true.

Our first week and a half has been a roller coaster.  Everyone was healthy and minus a heart rate issue in recovery (for me), all three of us did really well.  Our hospital stay was overwhelming to say the least.  Babies are doing well, but after very successful breastfeeding, I am still mourning the need to introduce a bottle so soon thanks to needing to boost their weight a bit.  We're still trying though.  I think O will be fine, but N I'm not so sure will ever give it up.   But all that matters is that they're now growing great.

We aren't really sleeping, so we're both a mess, and I go to tears at the drop of a hat.  I love these babies so much, and cannot imagine my world without them.  I savor the sweet coos and snuggles, and I just want to hold them close forever.  At the same time, our every three hour feeding schedule (times two, fed separately since we need to focus on making sure each is latching well, eating enough, etc.) is running us (and especially me) ragged.  The days FLY by in an endless cycle of diaper change, latch, nurse, bottle, burp, swaddle, rock, nap, pump and do it all again anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half later.  It's frustrating, and I feel like I'm having an identity crisis.  I know it's going to be a VERY long road if I revert to this whenever things are hard, but I keep thinking about how easy parents of one have it.  At some point we will go back to tandem nursing (which was going well in the hospital), but until that day comes it's this long process.  And then I cry all over again because the days ARE flying by and I only have 10 weeks home, and since it wasn't easy to get pregnant the first time, and who knows if there will be more babies in our future.  And I want to savor and enjoy all of it.  But I wish it away or get frustrated with it because I'm living the life of a milk machine with little to no sleep. 

Things are so crazy, we haven't even really had visitors other than our immediate family.  We planned to have people visit in the hospital, but it was too much.  And now it's still too much.  This last week I would have been rocking in a corner of our basement if it wasn't for my mom who is taking time off to help us. Finding a new normal seems so far away.  We've been out twice (both doctors appointments) and it's been crazy (start getting ready at 5 AM for a 9:45 appointment?!!) but has also felt good.  I'm down 35lbs already and can do a whole lot more than I could when I was on bedrest.  I can't wait to find that normal (and some freaking sleep!), but again, even thinking that, I want to snuggle in with my babies on my chest and freeze time. 

I'm so thankful for my amazing husband who is an equal partner in all of this.  No way could I do this (or anything, ever) without him.  He's up rocking babies and changing diapers with the best of them.  And when the tears start, he's right there to give me a hug and tell me it will all be alright.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Here we are... 37 weeks!

No way.  So glad we made it. 
Still nervous, but getting more excited to meet them.  They were super-kicky today, so that helps.  Having lots more contractions and sleeping now is HARD.  The more I think about it, the better it sounds to no longer be pregnant.  I have lots of nervousness about surgery and the babies' health, but I know it's all going to be okay.  I'll feel a lot better when they're out and healthy.  I keep trying to remind myself of where I was a year ago- praying that it would happen for us and willing to do anything to make it happen.  Well here's where I get called on the carpet.
The goal now is to make it to my scheduled section this week so I can have my own doctor.... fingers crossed!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Holy crap, we made it to 36!

This is the date I've been dreaming of since the beginning.  I just kept praying "PLEASE let us make it to 36!!!"  And we're here. WOW.

I'm still freaking out-- they could come any time now.  I really really want them to wait until next week (HOLY CRAP!!!!!).  I'm seriously having lots of moments of panic about it.  I'm huge, I still itch (thank you PUPPPs), I'm exhausted, and I feel like an incubator.  And it would make the most sense, after all we went through, after the frustration and tears and praying for these little miracles, for me to be SO excited to meet them.  But rather than be excited, I'm scared.  I'm really hoping that the minute we see them, that will all change.  It feels so unnatural to feel this way.

I think part of the problem is not believing it's real.  We fought and wanted this, and then it was surreal to find out we were pregnant.   And then that it was twins.  And then I worried and planned and was concerned about every moment, hoping they were growing enough, that they were still healthy, that my body would hold out, that I wouldn't have to be pulled out of work early, that they wouldn't come before 36 weeks.  And that's all been fine.  But I think it's also made me scared to get too attached.  There's always something that could happen, and I still can't believe it's true.  How horrible is that.  I've been holding back from connecting with these babies because I'm scared. 

My prayers now are that they wait until their scheduled c-section, and that the moment I see them, I feel connected.  I feel so unmotherly.  Who feels like this???

This week has been calm and uneventful, other than the stuff I mentioned in the last post.  On bedrest, and resting a lot.  Lots of laying down, showers to stop the itching, and trying to relax.  This weekend I tried to rest too. All of the little things are too much now, though.  Friday we went to my parents' house to celebrate my future SIL's birthday, and I was wiped out.  Wearing jeans is exhausting now!  Yesterday, we went to Target to get a few things that I couldn't just tell Mr. M to get (I had to pick out) and that was taxing.  I really swear I'm done with going out other than to doctors appointments. 

Today, B has been really quiet.  I'm not sure if it's positioning, or just a quiet day. We even broke out the doppler to check, and got his HB right away, so I'm sure he's fine, but A has been moving up a storm.  I have felt him move some, but not with the vigor that has been normal lately. I'm glad we have an appointment tomorrow and a NST/fluid check on Tuesday.  I don't know what I would do if we didn't have all of this at the end-- I need the reassurance that they're doing okay. 

Thinking good thoughts for the rest of the week, and hoping I don't write the words "they're here!" until some time in week 37!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

35 weeks, still a slacker, and things go a little crazy

So Sunday marked 35 weeks. YAY!
Last Thursday night, I started to notice that the itchiness I had on my lower belly (attributed to stretch marks and growing twins) started to spread.  And I was covered in spots.  And it was BAD.  I thought about calling Friday, but figured I was fine... I was staying at home and thought i would rest it out.  But it kept getting worse.  Then it was the weekend.  Still worse.  I could not stop itching. I was waking up in the middle of the night scratching, making it worse.  I tried Benedryl and cortisone cream as my Dr. had suggested for the itch at the last appt, but it wasn't helping.  Lots of googling later, I figured it was PUPPS.  I started trying all kinds of remedies I found on the internet: pine tar soap, some serna lotion I'd never heard of before, showering 3 times a day, drinking V8...  Saturday I was in tears it was so bad, and Mr. M got me to call the exchange.  Nothing else I can really do. Ugh.  Monday was a Dr's appt, and I got a prescription, but first she wanted to check my liver.  Apparently there is a liver disorder that MoMs can develop...lots of scary things can happen... blah.  SO, liver tests.  And thank GOD my liver is fine.  Babies can stay in a little longer.

That pretty much sums up the big stuff from last week...
Also finally realized that I'm going to be awake during surgery. Yikes. I'm excited for the babies to come but oy. I've had surgery a few times before, and I always tell them to just knock me out, and I'll be fine.  I DON"T GET KNOCKED OUT THIS TIME. YIKES. I'm going to be a mess-- just calling that one now.  As soon as they're out and fine, I'm sure I won't care at all that I'm being stitched up, but before I will be a mess. Lord, please help me stay calm and let everything go well. 
Two more weeks, babies!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

34w2d - NST and fluid check

Today was our first appt. at the perinatal center at the hospital.  I had a NST (just the contractions part) before Christmas, so I knew what to expect.  A kept wiggling off the monitor, but both A and B did great.  For our ultrasound, we didn't get any fun peeks at anything else (bummer! I really really wanted a growth u/s!) but fluid looks okay.  She found the membrane that separates them and measured there. A was 2.something and B had 4.something.  She said bigger than 2 was good; that A was very active and that if she kept looking around she thought she might have a higher reading.  She didn't seem concerned about the difference.  A is breech, tush way down (people at work said they thought I'd dropped and the nurse kept emphasizing that she was "WAY down"), and B is vertex, like the sweet little boy he is.  We also saw on the u/s that B has hair! Fun! I would totally bet that it's a head of dark brown/black hair like Mr. M. :) Mr. M was with me by the way, and I was so glad to have him there.  I've been riding the roller coaster again and last night was rough, so the support was much apprecitated.

Hang in there little guys- we have a growth u/s Monday YAAAAAAY and another perinatal appt on Tuesday.  Can't wait to see and hear them again.

Monday, February 21, 2011

34 weeks

And boy can I feel it!

Yet another major milestone.  If babies come between 34-37 weeks, they may need NICU time, but it is VERY likely that they would be able to leave with no lasting health problems. WOOT!  Don't get any ideas, guys!!

We had our appointment this week and their hearts sounded great.  34 weeks brings the first NST and fluid check- we're going to the hospital to have that done tomorrow.  I am SO ready to be done working.  My life is now just pure exhaustion all the time.  The itching is getting better with continued cocoa buttering and I'm trying hard not to scratch.  More and more I can look down and see my belly in funny shapes thanks to little sweeties pushing on the sides. This weekend we also had the grandmas come over to talk about daycare, and it sounds like we're all on the same page.  Another big highlight of the week is that we ordered a new mattress.  YAY!  I just can't take the old one anymore. Sleeping has become one of the most painful experiences for me.  Between hip pain, pelvic pain when I get up to go to the bathroom, and heartburn, the nights don't hold much rest for me.  I'm hoping the new mattress will help a bit.  But even if it doesn't you guys are worth it-- don't come out early to make me feel better!!

I also can't do anything anymore-- I'm so very exhausted that the thought of cooking something for lunch breaks me down.  I feel so useless.  I have such an AMAZING husband who is fully capable of taking care of it all-- I have no idea how I would make it through all of this without him.  SO truly blessed.  And man, if I'm going to raise twins with anyone, I'm glad it's him.  :)

Feeling so thrilled and blessed to even be able to write about week 34!  Starting to get nervous about everything though... being awake for surgery, praying that all three of us come out healthy.  Realizing that not too long from now we will actually have two babies... It's a total roller coaster.  One minute I'm so excited and the next I'm freaking out.  I keep telling myself that the whole reason I chose a c-section is because there are less what-ifs for the babies and they can just get them out safely, and that we've chosen a hospital that does c-sections and deals with multiples all day every day, so these people are pros.  Hoping to write about 35 very soon!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

33 week appointment

Everyone looks good, got my Strep B test (yuck), no dilation.  WOOT.  Hang in there kids!! You're doing great!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

33 weeks (I'm becoming a slacker)

I didn't even realize that I didn't do a 33 week post until today. Yikes.  I'm hitting that point of exhaustion where everything besides rest falls apart.  Ugh.

Feeling good about 33- one more to 34, and in my head that's a big milestone.  The next one is 36-- I will be ELATED if these babies keep cooking until then. 

Last weekend was good- we went out for a very nice dinner for Valentine's day (maybe our last big date?) and I got to rest quite a bit.  We (and by we, I mean Mr. M) installed the carseats and got them inspected, where we were told they were perfect. :) I still need to pack a hospital bag, and I think I've been putting it off because it means that this is really going to happen. 

Pregnancy-wise, I can feel the babies move more and more, and it's funny to look down at my belly throughout the day-- there are lumps and bumps everywhere as they're packed in there tightly.  I would love to know how much they weigh now.  I'm hoping it's a good 4lbs+ (for real, not estimated since that's sometimes off).  This past week also brought the end of my wedding rings-- my fingers are just too fat now.  I'm feeling hiccups, which is hilarious.  Working from home is my saving grace-- going to work is HARD.  I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to make it.  I'm so very thankful, however that I've been able to make it this far without bedrest.  That's AMAZING.  Now I'm just trying hard not to push it so we can make it those last few weeks.  My body is starting to reach its limit-- my pelvic bone feels like it's snapped in half, and my poor stretch-marked belly itches horribly.  I'm about to loose my belly button.  I actually told Mr. M the other day that c-section recovery might not be so bad compared to the stuff I have going on right now.  We'll see about that, but this is pretty painful. 

I can do this.  I can push through anything to help these little guys cook a little longer and hopefully avoid NICU time.  It's going to suck, but they are so, SO very worth it.

Stay put, little ones.  You're not allowed to come before March. ;)

Monday, February 7, 2011


Another milestone!  This week was crazy, with the prediction of "snowmageddon," preparing to be snowed in for a few days, and then... barely anything.  Except lots of ice.  But it made the whole work from home thing less weird, since everyone else was too. :) 

After our doctor's appointment, we hunkered down for the storm, and really that's how we spent most of our week.  The difference it makes to work from home is HUGE-- most days now at work my role has been altered enough that I can spend most of my day at my desk, with my feet up.  That said, most days I still come home big and swollen and ready to pass out.  The days I worked from home I was way less swollen and sore and didn't feel like I had to go to bed at 5:00. I really think this change is going to make a big difference in how long I make it working as well as how long these babies stay in. 

I'm trying to savor every minute of these sweet little ones in my tummy, even though my body feels like it's ready to fall apart.  I was telling Mr. M that I'm really going to miss these guys being inside-- it's just so amazing to feel their little kicks and nudges and to be able to reach down at any time and feel them moving or give them a little pat.  I really really hope that we're able to have more after these two-- while I spend a lot of the day in pain and wish I was more comfortable, I do love being pregnant, and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.  We are so very blessed and I would love to do this again.  And as much as I have moments of breaking down and falling apart with what is going on with my body, I do not want these two going ANYWHERE for at least four more weeks.  Better yet, let's make it to their scheduled C. 

This weekend we stayed busy-- we went to see friends who have twins on Friday night, and it felt good to see them and also pick their brains about twin stuff and her c-section.  Saturday was low-key, and Sunday we had other friends over with their two girls for the superbowl.  We had so much fun, but that also helped us see all of the places where our house is NOT baby proof. yikes!

This week is busy... Here we go!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

31 week appointment

We had another check-up yesterday and everyone looks good still!  Babies are both measuring 3lbs and 11oz, so that's good news.  I'm trying to pack the protein still to get them up to good birth weights.  It always seems to me that the "estimates" that moms get right before delivery are always off.  And usually off on the low end.  I don't know if there is any truth to that, but regardless it's motivating me to pack a couple of lbs on each baby!  I would love to see them come out at 5lbs and some change, and would be thrilled at 6 or more lbs.  I don't know how my stomach is going to stretch that big, but hey.  They're worth it.  I'm currently measuring 38 weeks, and no shirts really cover my belly anymore without some long camisole help. :)

After seeing them again and everyone doing well, we told our parents they could spread the news that we're having a girl and a boy.  We also told friends last night, which was SO much fun!  I also started telling people at work who are LOVING finding out! 

We were kind of rushed out because we are currently being invaded by a blizzard (!) but had the chance to get a few things worked out:
  • I can elect a c-section if I want.  Which makes me feel better, b/c if they're perfect and my Dr. is delivering, I may go for vaginal.  The other doctor, not so much.  It makes me feel better that I can make that decision, unless of course they make it for me (which I sort of hope they do). 
  • I'm going to start working from home some each week to help me rest more. YAY!  It's getting darn near impossible to get through full work days. Ugh.
  • Starting at 34 weeks, I'll start doing weekly non-stress tests and fluid checks.  Which means more ultrasounds.  And will make me feel way better. WOOT!
  • Those are going to be at the hospital I'll deliver at. Double WOOT
  • our scheduled c-section got moved a day because of scheduling and now it's on a day that is very important to us. Which is just a fun coincidence. But YAY!
All in all, things are great.  Had a lot of contractions today, but have been at home (thanks blizzard!) so I've been able to lay down and drink lots of water to get them to go away.  Hang in there babies.  You have at least 5 more weeks before I'm letting you out! ;)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

31 weeks

Still hanging in there, but ready for a break.  Work got HARD this week.  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon and cannot wait to 1) check on the babies and make sure everyone still looks okay 2) see how big they measure and 3) get a note to start scaling back at work.  It is SO time for that.  I'll probably just work from home a couple of days a week but I have no doubt that not having to get fully ready in the mornings and being able to keep my feet up all day will make a huge difference.

Babies are still making big movements, but B still likes to fake me out.  I always get movement from A, but there have been several days where B makes smaller movements that are harder for me to feel/easily missed while I'm working and freaks me out.  Thank God for the doppler.  I can't wait to see them on the u/s!!

Baby stuff is almost all done- still need to install carseats (but now have to wait for a repair to Mr. M's car before we do that) and now that I think I've ordered everything I need, finish packing the hospital bag.  I'm still trying to do one thing a night, which I think is good. It's getting harder and harder, so hopefully we're done soon so I can just rest.  The plan is to get all this done, and then focus on resting so they stay in longer. 

Coming up this week: our appt with u/s, last childbirth class (!), breastfeeding class, dinner with friends on Friday who have twins.  Hopefully my first week working from home a few days a week.  Oh yeah, and supposedly a LOT more snow...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

30 weeks.

This is a milestone that, to be totally honest, I wasn't certain we would make it to.  I have no doubt that my body and these babies have the ability to make it safely to my scheduled c-section, but with twins it's always so dicey.  Don't get any ideas little guys-- you aren't allowed to go ANYWHERE for at least 4-6 more weeks. 

This past week was a rough one, but good.  It's getting harder and harder to work every day.  It was nice to have Monday off after all of the shower excitement on Sunday.  I came in to work on Tuesday and it was a hard day.  It's all about physically hard lately- being achy when I get up from my chair, having a hard time walking, being exhausted all the time, and finding time to keep up with my eating/water schedule.  Wednesday we had an all-day meeting, which makes all of the above even more difficult, but it was nicely broken up in the middle with my surprise work baby shower!! I didn't expect it so soon, but I think everyone at work is seeing me slow down as well and thinks my time might be limited. :) It was perfect- a surprise (that I didn't think was for me-- it took me a minute to catch on!), a quick gift opening, and everyone turned to lunch.  Nice that I didn't have to be the center of attention for long.  Since we'd gotten most of the big stuff off the registry, they got us VISA gift cards, which are great.  It's the perfect gift-- we can use it for any baby stuff we need, or just for diapers when they get here.  So sweet. 

This week has also brought a large amount of winter weather!  Thursday morning we woke up to a good 9-10 inches of snow! I went in to work late, and the roads were horrible, but it's days like those that it pays to have a shorter commute.  It was the second day of our all-day meeting, and while that could have been painful, we had been scheduled to see a movie that afternoon... with the snow that was rescheduled, but we were encouraged to leave a bit early, so I totally took them up on that offer. :) Friday was a long day too, and I started swelling quite a bit.  It took a long time with my feet up for the swelling to go down.  Luckily, my blood pressure was just fine when I got home, and we were able to stay home and rest. 

Saturday, after much game planning,  we went to get the last items we needed off the registry.  We are now set with carseats and bases, bumbos, extra crib sheets-- we should be good to go.  Still on the to-do list (I'm a bad procrastinator!) is starting the hospital bags, though our stash of what we need is looking much better.  There's lots of little odds and ends to still do, but I feel like we're in much better shape.  Mr. M has been wonderful with spearheading the assembly and registration of all our new little items.  The house is still a swirl of boxes and little things that need to be put away, but I'll take it :)

Today hasn't been so great-- I've been nursing a bad headache and trying my best to not take Tylenol.  It started Friday, and has come and gone over the weekend but it's getting annoying. Sometimes it's little and dull, sometimes it pounds.  I'm trying to drink a bunch of water to help...  Babies are still making big moves this week, and taking turns scaring me.  A is active all the time, and I can usually count on a dance party mid-morning and lots of random times through the day.  B usually gives me a few kicks when I'm still laying in bed in the morning and after I settle down in the evening, with a few random ones throughout the day.  Lately B is kicking/moving more (or I'm feeling it more), but both have taken a day or two off their normal routines and that has occasionally left their mama worried!  After some cold water, sugar, or laying down I can usually get them to move a little more, and I know they're just fine.  One of my favorite things right now is feeling them change position.  A usually is low down and it feels like she's doing barrel rolls, so I don't normally get a flip from her, but B puts on a show a lot.  Laying is getting harder, as more than 45 min on either side ends up with a sore hip, so when I switch from my right to my left side (and B gets a lot more room) I can put my hand on my stomach and feel him rotate!  How amazing.  I'm going to miss these feelings when these babies come out, and though I often get too busy and miss focusing on their little moves, I'm trying to savor these moments and remember them, because all too soon they'll be over. :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

29 weeks!

(a day late, but it's been busy...)

Seeing each week go by is crazy.  This week we were BUSY.  We went to our first baby class last Sunday- Newborn Care.  Monday was a busy day at work, and then we went to our first Childbirth class.  They were predicting 3-4 inches of snow that night, so we were all a little anxious to make sure we didn't get snowed in at the hospital, but it held off.  It was a good first class-- just introductory stuff and understanding when labor actually starts, etc.  It was great to get started on that.  It's occurred to me this last week that this is real.  These babies are going to come out at some point (hopefully not for at least 7 more weeks!) and then we're going to have two babies.  Like, for real.  Crazy.

I've been trying to savor the pregnant moments more.  That's really hard with being stressed out about work, generally exhausted, and feeling like we have a million more things to do before these kids show up.  It's ever-present in my mind that this might be it for us.  I REALLY hope it's not, but you can't discount the fact that it was hard to get knocked up in the first place, my right tube is probably going to get worse the longer we wait after these two (thanks, Endo) and well... who knows.  And if this is it, then so be it.  We're blessed to be expecting two little ones.  I really can't complain.  But I feel like this isn't enough.  I would love, love, love to be able to do this again. 

This week we also had our hospital tour, which was great, but the room they take you to before a c-section freaks me out.  It's very sterile looking... I'm going to have to get over it though. :)  I'm leaning more and more towards a c-section... less what-ifs, more hospital time, more paid time off work... it's hard to say no to all of that.  Too bad it takes having major surgery to have all of those things.  We'll see how it turns out.  I'd better still pay attention in the childbirth class just in case... :)

The weight of these babies (or really, all the other stuff that comes with them, since their~6 lbs total doesn't really matter much) is really starting to take a toll.  I'm so very tired all the time.  Friday was a rough day at work-- I hit a wall around 1 and was starting to swell quite a bit.  I made it until 3:30 or so, and then had to go home and lay down.  My body just can't do it all any more.  My mental plan now is to make it normally until the end of January, then work from home 2-3 days a week in February, then bed rest as soon as we hit March.  I hope I can make it on that.  I don't want to overdo things and risk going into labor early, but I also can't afford to go on full bed rest yet.  Although given the option financially, I'd be all over it.

This week we also tried playing music for the babies for the first time.  A really loved the Glee songs/rock, and B liked classical music.  Or hated.  I'm not sure whether the kicks and jabs were "MOM and DAD! Make it stop!!!" or not.  

Our second shower was on Sunday, and was amazing.  We had 30+ people there, and were seriously showered with our gifts.  We're in such good shape!  There are several things we still need, so I'm hoping we can get some of that going this week so we're close to set up.  This week is also pack the hospital bag week.  I think once we have all of the stuff we need sorted, washed, set up, etc. I'll be able to just relax.

One of the best parts of our shower though was telling our immediate family that we're expecting a boy and a girl!  We hadn't shared that yet with anyone, and didn't want to before the showers, but my mom and sister have been giving us crap since we got pregnant about finding out and telling.  We didn't mention that we've known for quite a while now... they might kill us if they knew that!  After everyone left, we got everyone (only missing Mr. M's dad- we couldn't figure out how we could get him over there without it being totally obvious, and his brother who lives in another state) together and said we had hostess gifts for my mom and sister, and one for his mom since she did a lot for our shower over Christmas.  I kind of had to ruin the surprise a bit since I had two aunts who would.not.leave. and so I had to tell my SIL that she had to keep her mom from leaving until they were gone, and then had to ask my mom when they were leaving because I had gifts and didn't want to do that while they were there.  Oh well. Whatever.  We got them each bibs, one pink and one blue, saying "I love my Grandma" or "I love my Grandpa" (and Aunt for my sister) with little cards attached that said "love, baby A" and "love, baby B."  I got the whole thing on video- they were all thrilled and the aunts were all so very excited that they "could really go shopping now!" It was a fun moment to be able to share with our families. 

When we got home, Mr. M and my sister unloaded the cars (it took two small SUVs to get all of our stuff home!) and while I really should have been sitting and relaxing, it was killing me to not be organizing stuff. SO, I did.  I also took breaks to sit down every once in a while, but it was nice to get things going.  I also have done a lot of the baby laundry, which makes me feel better too.  Even if this stuff sits for 8 more weeks (yikes! That's all we have until my scheduled date!) I'd rather have that happen than come home from the hospital to lots to do. 

Today we have off of work, and have a doctor's appt. as well as our next Childbirth class, and lots to do!  Looking forward to saying 30 weeks next Sunday!  That's a great milestone!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

28 weeks!

Another milestone!

This last week has been a busy one!  Tons going on a work, which resulted in mega ankle swelling.  Like cankles. Seriously.  Monday we had our Dr's appt, and that made us feel tons better.  Had an u/s- both look good.  2lb3oz and 2lb4oz respectively, heartbeats in the 150s.  Got to talk through some birth questions we had, which was well worth the long wait we had for this appointment.

The only thing that made me think twice was during the u/s the tech said something about wanting to confirm that A is a girl again.   She's said it at at least 3 appts, our last appt. at the other hospital confirmed it (and we have a three line picture), but she tried to look again and no dice.  SO, I'm sure little A is a girl, but I came home and checked every u/s picture we have. :)  The really good one she got a few appts ago we don't have a copy of, but I remember seeing the three lines on that one too.  The reason it freaks me out a little is that we're about to tell our mothers/family at my shower next weekend what we're having.  And if we say one of each, and then switch after, they might be disappointed.  Not that they wouldn't love two boys too, but it's easier if we're still the only ones that know.  Whatever.  It will be fine. :)

The biggest news from our appointment:  babies now have an eviction date!   If they don't show up before then, they'll be making an appearance on March 16th. :)  She called it a scheduled c-section date, but she's also talked induction in the past, so if they're positioned correctly I'm sure that's an option too.

So after a long week, we relaxed and did stuff around the house mostly this weekend, except for today, when we had our first class: Newborn Care!  Mr. M seemed a little stressed/worried this last week about everything becoming real with the babies coming not all that long from now (officially less than 10 weeks!), but he said that the class today really helped.  I think the more we learn about what we're supposed to be doing, the better we both feel.  I'm sure we'll be just fine, but like he said, not knowing what you don't know can be the worst part of all, so after the class, we felt a lot better.

This coming week we have the start of our childbirth class and hospital tour.  We got to see the babies in the nursery today, and they were adorable!  I think getting pretty familiar with the hospital will be good too-- hospitals are uncomfortable places for both of us, so hanging out where we'll deliver will probably desensitize us a bit (I hope!).

This week also brought more movement from both babies! YAY!  B has been wiggling more, and I just love feeling him move.  Not that I don't love A too, but she moves all the time :)  They're also big enough now that I can see my tummy move when they kick/punch, and when I get up from laying on a side, it's not uncommon to see a baby head/tush poking out somewhere!  B isn't such a fan of me laying on my right side, and when I do he scoots towards the middle, so when I get up, there is typically a little head poking up in the middle of my tummy and empty room on the right.  When I sit up, it's fun to feel as he slowly moves back down and to the right.  I still have tons of pelvic pain when I stand up, roll over, etc. but am feeling great about where I'm at.  To be 28 weeks with twins and not be on bedrest is a miracle, and we're thankful every day that my body and the babies hold up.  Stay safe in there little guys!  There's no way I would be doing this well if it wasn't for my wonderful husband who cleans, carries things, does laundry and chores, and encourages me to drink water and lay down.  He's amazing. :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

27 weeks!

And what a crazy week it was!
Sunday was spent (as previously mentioned) out of town at our wonderful shower.  Monday we drove back home- about a 9 hour drive.  And we survived!  And it was long!  And I only drove 3 of those hours, but we both felt that was an accomplishment!  And now that means I'm on lockdown until the babies come.  (And really, I'm on lockdown after for a while, but whatever.)  I'm glad to not be traveling any more!

I had Tues-Wed-Thurs off work, and I pretty much don't know where they went.  We took down Christmas decor, I did thank you notes, got some cleaning and paperwork done, etc.   I had to work Friday, and while I had grand plans for what I was going to accomplish, other things took over.  We went out to a casual dinner with Mr. M's parents, and called it a night.  I do remember waking up around 12:30 and wishing Mr. M a happy new year as I rolled over. :) Saturday my mom and sister came over and cleaned the house.  GOD LOVE THEM for that.  It's so nice to have a clean house.  They are awesome!  I took a three hour nap, and then followed that up with 10 hours of sleep.  I guess I'm tired!  Today we ran a couple of errands (though I can't make it through much anymore!), I came home and read and took a short nap, and we're hanging out for dinner. 

I'm dreading going back to work tomorrow.  The good news is that we have a dr's appt with an u/s!  So we get to see babies!  This will be a LONG work week- I have tons to do and will have long days.  Next weekend we have nothing Saturday, but Sunday we have our first baby class-- newborn care.  It's an all-day class. Yikes.  I'm not sure how I'm going to stay awake that whole time!  Then that Monday we start our childbirth class, and Thursday we have a hospital tour.   I keep telling myself I just need to make it through the next two weeks and then It's smoother sailing.  January is a busy month for us. 

I know that half the battle of making it a long way in this pregnancy is going to be mental, but honestly I hurt so bad all the time that I wouldn't be super upset if I got put on bedrest.  That said, I hope that doesn't have to happen until March, but still.  I'm SO tired!  At this week's appt. I have lots of questions for my dr-- we didn't see her for two appointments, and when we did last time, they were in a big rush so I'm still stuck wondering on a few things... Like they said 38 weeks was it for twins... and then when we scheduled our appts they scheduled me a 39 and 40 week appt.  I was told early on I would do NSTs at some point, but last time when I asked to try to schedule those, they wouldn't.  I NEED ANSWERS PEOPLE.  Hoping this week brings some...

Babies are doing well, felt B more earlier in the week, but he's given me panic attacks several times the last few days.  He just likes to go long spurts without kicking. Not nice to mama!  A is always wiggling, so I know she's good... I just wish he would say hi a little more often.  Such a boy :)