Monday, February 21, 2011

34 weeks

And boy can I feel it!

Yet another major milestone.  If babies come between 34-37 weeks, they may need NICU time, but it is VERY likely that they would be able to leave with no lasting health problems. WOOT!  Don't get any ideas, guys!!

We had our appointment this week and their hearts sounded great.  34 weeks brings the first NST and fluid check- we're going to the hospital to have that done tomorrow.  I am SO ready to be done working.  My life is now just pure exhaustion all the time.  The itching is getting better with continued cocoa buttering and I'm trying hard not to scratch.  More and more I can look down and see my belly in funny shapes thanks to little sweeties pushing on the sides. This weekend we also had the grandmas come over to talk about daycare, and it sounds like we're all on the same page.  Another big highlight of the week is that we ordered a new mattress.  YAY!  I just can't take the old one anymore. Sleeping has become one of the most painful experiences for me.  Between hip pain, pelvic pain when I get up to go to the bathroom, and heartburn, the nights don't hold much rest for me.  I'm hoping the new mattress will help a bit.  But even if it doesn't you guys are worth it-- don't come out early to make me feel better!!

I also can't do anything anymore-- I'm so very exhausted that the thought of cooking something for lunch breaks me down.  I feel so useless.  I have such an AMAZING husband who is fully capable of taking care of it all-- I have no idea how I would make it through all of this without him.  SO truly blessed.  And man, if I'm going to raise twins with anyone, I'm glad it's him.  :)

Feeling so thrilled and blessed to even be able to write about week 34!  Starting to get nervous about everything though... being awake for surgery, praying that all three of us come out healthy.  Realizing that not too long from now we will actually have two babies... It's a total roller coaster.  One minute I'm so excited and the next I'm freaking out.  I keep telling myself that the whole reason I chose a c-section is because there are less what-ifs for the babies and they can just get them out safely, and that we've chosen a hospital that does c-sections and deals with multiples all day every day, so these people are pros.  Hoping to write about 35 very soon!

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