Saturday, October 6, 2012

6 weeks

...and one day.  Sorry, kid.  It's already become apparent that you're going to suffer the same fate as many second and third children before you:  less documentation of your life.  I already didn't remember to take pictures of my pregnancy tests, though I've been testing frequently to see the little line get darker, and now it would be a joke to take a picture because the test line is MUCH darker than the control.  And now i"m a day late on your post. I could also blame that on your weekday being Friday when your siblings' was Sunday.  I promise that starting with ultrasound day, we will take weekly pictures.

Speaking of that, I think it's normal to feel this way, but I'm still nervous.  It's insane that after the struggle to have our first pregnancy that we would get pregnant so quick.  And without help!  And so I'm still worried that something won't go right.  It does make me feel better that I'm on progesterone, helping you stay put, but it will be awesome to see a little heartbeat.  Just a week and a half to go...!

This week I traveled for work, same as I did when I was early pregnant with the twins.  Except by that point last time, I had just found out it was twins!  The trip was interesting, as it was last time, trying not to let everyone figure it out.  I didn't drink (obviously!) and didn't even make an attempt to fake it.  I think going through airport security might have been my giveaway...  It's been so long since I've flown that I didn't think much about it, but remembered when we were there that they use body scanners now.  I ended up being the last to go through on the way there, and quietly let the TSA lady know I was with colleagues, but was very early pregnant, and asked if it was safe to go through.  She kindly said to always tell them that, and waved me through the metal detector.  Everyone else got slowed down or stopped, so I went unnoticed.  On the way back, I made sure I was last, and again told the TSA guard, who sent me through the metal detector.  This time, though, the person before me asked me about it.  I shrugged it off, like I wasn't sure why, and moved on, but she seemed upset because she didn't want to have to go through.  Ugh.  BACK OFF! :)

Symptoms this week: twinges of pain in my breasts, but not as much soreness.  Nausea, but better than last time:  only when I haven't eaten, and this time I know to KEEP EATING!  Trying to stick to my more recent eating habits (less carbs, more veggies), but I also have random food aversions that have kept me eating grains.  Bloating, and some thickening of my tummy, I'm sure due to adding back the previously mentioned carbs.  I did wear maternity capris on my trip, the same ones I bought last time for  the work trip, just because it's a LONG flight and no fun with tight pants when you're bloated.  Last time I also wore a belly band with all my pants (I was 8 weeks).  This time, I needed the belly band to hold the maternity pants up, and my normal pants all still fit.

Looking forward to making it through this next week and a half so I can see your little heartbeat!  Hang in there, little guy!