Tuesday, February 22, 2011

34w2d - NST and fluid check

Today was our first appt. at the perinatal center at the hospital.  I had a NST (just the contractions part) before Christmas, so I knew what to expect.  A kept wiggling off the monitor, but both A and B did great.  For our ultrasound, we didn't get any fun peeks at anything else (bummer! I really really wanted a growth u/s!) but fluid looks okay.  She found the membrane that separates them and measured there. A was 2.something and B had 4.something.  She said bigger than 2 was good; that A was very active and that if she kept looking around she thought she might have a higher reading.  She didn't seem concerned about the difference.  A is breech, tush way down (people at work said they thought I'd dropped and the nurse kept emphasizing that she was "WAY down"), and B is vertex, like the sweet little boy he is.  We also saw on the u/s that B has hair! Fun! I would totally bet that it's a head of dark brown/black hair like Mr. M. :) Mr. M was with me by the way, and I was so glad to have him there.  I've been riding the roller coaster again and last night was rough, so the support was much apprecitated.

Hang in there little guys- we have a growth u/s Monday YAAAAAAY and another perinatal appt on Tuesday.  Can't wait to see and hear them again.

Monday, February 21, 2011

34 weeks

And boy can I feel it!

Yet another major milestone.  If babies come between 34-37 weeks, they may need NICU time, but it is VERY likely that they would be able to leave with no lasting health problems. WOOT!  Don't get any ideas, guys!!

We had our appointment this week and their hearts sounded great.  34 weeks brings the first NST and fluid check- we're going to the hospital to have that done tomorrow.  I am SO ready to be done working.  My life is now just pure exhaustion all the time.  The itching is getting better with continued cocoa buttering and I'm trying hard not to scratch.  More and more I can look down and see my belly in funny shapes thanks to little sweeties pushing on the sides. This weekend we also had the grandmas come over to talk about daycare, and it sounds like we're all on the same page.  Another big highlight of the week is that we ordered a new mattress.  YAY!  I just can't take the old one anymore. Sleeping has become one of the most painful experiences for me.  Between hip pain, pelvic pain when I get up to go to the bathroom, and heartburn, the nights don't hold much rest for me.  I'm hoping the new mattress will help a bit.  But even if it doesn't you guys are worth it-- don't come out early to make me feel better!!

I also can't do anything anymore-- I'm so very exhausted that the thought of cooking something for lunch breaks me down.  I feel so useless.  I have such an AMAZING husband who is fully capable of taking care of it all-- I have no idea how I would make it through all of this without him.  SO truly blessed.  And man, if I'm going to raise twins with anyone, I'm glad it's him.  :)

Feeling so thrilled and blessed to even be able to write about week 34!  Starting to get nervous about everything though... being awake for surgery, praying that all three of us come out healthy.  Realizing that not too long from now we will actually have two babies... It's a total roller coaster.  One minute I'm so excited and the next I'm freaking out.  I keep telling myself that the whole reason I chose a c-section is because there are less what-ifs for the babies and they can just get them out safely, and that we've chosen a hospital that does c-sections and deals with multiples all day every day, so these people are pros.  Hoping to write about 35 very soon!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

33 week appointment

Everyone looks good, got my Strep B test (yuck), no dilation.  WOOT.  Hang in there kids!! You're doing great!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

33 weeks (I'm becoming a slacker)

I didn't even realize that I didn't do a 33 week post until today. Yikes.  I'm hitting that point of exhaustion where everything besides rest falls apart.  Ugh.

Feeling good about 33- one more to 34, and in my head that's a big milestone.  The next one is 36-- I will be ELATED if these babies keep cooking until then. 

Last weekend was good- we went out for a very nice dinner for Valentine's day (maybe our last big date?) and I got to rest quite a bit.  We (and by we, I mean Mr. M) installed the carseats and got them inspected, where we were told they were perfect. :) I still need to pack a hospital bag, and I think I've been putting it off because it means that this is really going to happen. 

Pregnancy-wise, I can feel the babies move more and more, and it's funny to look down at my belly throughout the day-- there are lumps and bumps everywhere as they're packed in there tightly.  I would love to know how much they weigh now.  I'm hoping it's a good 4lbs+ (for real, not estimated since that's sometimes off).  This past week also brought the end of my wedding rings-- my fingers are just too fat now.  I'm feeling hiccups, which is hilarious.  Working from home is my saving grace-- going to work is HARD.  I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to make it.  I'm so very thankful, however that I've been able to make it this far without bedrest.  That's AMAZING.  Now I'm just trying hard not to push it so we can make it those last few weeks.  My body is starting to reach its limit-- my pelvic bone feels like it's snapped in half, and my poor stretch-marked belly itches horribly.  I'm about to loose my belly button.  I actually told Mr. M the other day that c-section recovery might not be so bad compared to the stuff I have going on right now.  We'll see about that, but this is pretty painful. 

I can do this.  I can push through anything to help these little guys cook a little longer and hopefully avoid NICU time.  It's going to suck, but they are so, SO very worth it.

Stay put, little ones.  You're not allowed to come before March. ;)

Monday, February 7, 2011


Another milestone!  This week was crazy, with the prediction of "snowmageddon," preparing to be snowed in for a few days, and then... barely anything.  Except lots of ice.  But it made the whole work from home thing less weird, since everyone else was too. :) 

After our doctor's appointment, we hunkered down for the storm, and really that's how we spent most of our week.  The difference it makes to work from home is HUGE-- most days now at work my role has been altered enough that I can spend most of my day at my desk, with my feet up.  That said, most days I still come home big and swollen and ready to pass out.  The days I worked from home I was way less swollen and sore and didn't feel like I had to go to bed at 5:00. I really think this change is going to make a big difference in how long I make it working as well as how long these babies stay in. 

I'm trying to savor every minute of these sweet little ones in my tummy, even though my body feels like it's ready to fall apart.  I was telling Mr. M that I'm really going to miss these guys being inside-- it's just so amazing to feel their little kicks and nudges and to be able to reach down at any time and feel them moving or give them a little pat.  I really really hope that we're able to have more after these two-- while I spend a lot of the day in pain and wish I was more comfortable, I do love being pregnant, and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.  We are so very blessed and I would love to do this again.  And as much as I have moments of breaking down and falling apart with what is going on with my body, I do not want these two going ANYWHERE for at least four more weeks.  Better yet, let's make it to their scheduled C. 

This weekend we stayed busy-- we went to see friends who have twins on Friday night, and it felt good to see them and also pick their brains about twin stuff and her c-section.  Saturday was low-key, and Sunday we had other friends over with their two girls for the superbowl.  We had so much fun, but that also helped us see all of the places where our house is NOT baby proof. yikes!

This week is busy... Here we go!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

31 week appointment

We had another check-up yesterday and everyone looks good still!  Babies are both measuring 3lbs and 11oz, so that's good news.  I'm trying to pack the protein still to get them up to good birth weights.  It always seems to me that the "estimates" that moms get right before delivery are always off.  And usually off on the low end.  I don't know if there is any truth to that, but regardless it's motivating me to pack a couple of lbs on each baby!  I would love to see them come out at 5lbs and some change, and would be thrilled at 6 or more lbs.  I don't know how my stomach is going to stretch that big, but hey.  They're worth it.  I'm currently measuring 38 weeks, and no shirts really cover my belly anymore without some long camisole help. :)

After seeing them again and everyone doing well, we told our parents they could spread the news that we're having a girl and a boy.  We also told friends last night, which was SO much fun!  I also started telling people at work who are LOVING finding out! 

We were kind of rushed out because we are currently being invaded by a blizzard (!) but had the chance to get a few things worked out:
  • I can elect a c-section if I want.  Which makes me feel better, b/c if they're perfect and my Dr. is delivering, I may go for vaginal.  The other doctor, not so much.  It makes me feel better that I can make that decision, unless of course they make it for me (which I sort of hope they do). 
  • I'm going to start working from home some each week to help me rest more. YAY!  It's getting darn near impossible to get through full work days. Ugh.
  • Starting at 34 weeks, I'll start doing weekly non-stress tests and fluid checks.  Which means more ultrasounds.  And will make me feel way better. WOOT!
  • Those are going to be at the hospital I'll deliver at. Double WOOT
  • our scheduled c-section got moved a day because of scheduling and now it's on a day that is very important to us. Which is just a fun coincidence. But YAY!
All in all, things are great.  Had a lot of contractions today, but have been at home (thanks blizzard!) so I've been able to lay down and drink lots of water to get them to go away.  Hang in there babies.  You have at least 5 more weeks before I'm letting you out! ;)