Tuesday, February 22, 2011

34w2d - NST and fluid check

Today was our first appt. at the perinatal center at the hospital.  I had a NST (just the contractions part) before Christmas, so I knew what to expect.  A kept wiggling off the monitor, but both A and B did great.  For our ultrasound, we didn't get any fun peeks at anything else (bummer! I really really wanted a growth u/s!) but fluid looks okay.  She found the membrane that separates them and measured there. A was 2.something and B had 4.something.  She said bigger than 2 was good; that A was very active and that if she kept looking around she thought she might have a higher reading.  She didn't seem concerned about the difference.  A is breech, tush way down (people at work said they thought I'd dropped and the nurse kept emphasizing that she was "WAY down"), and B is vertex, like the sweet little boy he is.  We also saw on the u/s that B has hair! Fun! I would totally bet that it's a head of dark brown/black hair like Mr. M. :) Mr. M was with me by the way, and I was so glad to have him there.  I've been riding the roller coaster again and last night was rough, so the support was much apprecitated.

Hang in there little guys- we have a growth u/s Monday YAAAAAAY and another perinatal appt on Tuesday.  Can't wait to see and hear them again.

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