Thursday, March 3, 2011

35 weeks, still a slacker, and things go a little crazy

So Sunday marked 35 weeks. YAY!
Last Thursday night, I started to notice that the itchiness I had on my lower belly (attributed to stretch marks and growing twins) started to spread.  And I was covered in spots.  And it was BAD.  I thought about calling Friday, but figured I was fine... I was staying at home and thought i would rest it out.  But it kept getting worse.  Then it was the weekend.  Still worse.  I could not stop itching. I was waking up in the middle of the night scratching, making it worse.  I tried Benedryl and cortisone cream as my Dr. had suggested for the itch at the last appt, but it wasn't helping.  Lots of googling later, I figured it was PUPPS.  I started trying all kinds of remedies I found on the internet: pine tar soap, some serna lotion I'd never heard of before, showering 3 times a day, drinking V8...  Saturday I was in tears it was so bad, and Mr. M got me to call the exchange.  Nothing else I can really do. Ugh.  Monday was a Dr's appt, and I got a prescription, but first she wanted to check my liver.  Apparently there is a liver disorder that MoMs can develop...lots of scary things can happen... blah.  SO, liver tests.  And thank GOD my liver is fine.  Babies can stay in a little longer.

That pretty much sums up the big stuff from last week...
Also finally realized that I'm going to be awake during surgery. Yikes. I'm excited for the babies to come but oy. I've had surgery a few times before, and I always tell them to just knock me out, and I'll be fine.  I DON"T GET KNOCKED OUT THIS TIME. YIKES. I'm going to be a mess-- just calling that one now.  As soon as they're out and fine, I'm sure I won't care at all that I'm being stitched up, but before I will be a mess. Lord, please help me stay calm and let everything go well. 
Two more weeks, babies!!!

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