Sunday, November 28, 2010


So minus the crib fiasco this past week, things are the same. Working, stress from job change, prepping for babies!  This week also had the Thanksgiving and black friday craziness added to it, but also brought a nice break as we had several days off work.

Let's talk about the cribs... took us forever to pick them, then forever to order them, and they finally showed up on Tuesday.  Mr. M planned to set them up this weekend.  When they showed up, the brought the boxes in the nursery, and while they were kind of dinged up, we didn't notice much.  I went in on Wednesday to look at something else and noticed big gashes on the boxes on the sides facing each other.  One gash was in the shape of a V, so I peeled back that cardboard (box still closed, mind you) and could see a crib rail completely smashed. :(  Two long, annoying calls to BRU later and dealing with majorly incompetent people who lack the ability to offer good customer service, and a call to UPS to schedule the pickup, we thought we had it taken care of.   UPS said to expect pickup on Friday, and BRU said the cribs were on the way.  So Mr. M hauled them back out to the porch again Friday and off we went to shop.  By 5:30, they were still there.  So I called UPS.  Turns out that they got mixed up when I talked to them about their holiday schedule, and now they won't pick them up until Monday. UGH.  Oh, and add to that that nothing has happened with the status of the new cribs ALL WEEKEND LONG.  If these have so much as a dent, I'm demanding a refund+ some kind of credit and ordering from Amazon, who we should have ordered from in the first place.

On the bright side however, we got a Flip and a DSLR on black friday deals, and didn't have to go to the store! Thank you Best Buy online!  We woke up at our leisure that morning and headed out, where we proceeded to buy crazy amounts of baby clothes. :) YAY! So fun!

Thanksgiving was great with my family.  We also got our tree up and all of the inside decorating done!

Really excited that we're getting closer to our next appt on the 10th, and 24 weeks (viability!).

Thursday, November 25, 2010


on this Thanksgiving (and every day, really) I am thankful for:
  • an amazing supportive husband who loves and supports me
  • these amazing little blessings we've been entrusted with
  • when those little blessings kick and let me know they're doing okay 
  • that those little blessings are healthy, and for every doctor's appointment where they tell us that again
  • a home that is safe, warm, and comfy
  • jobs that pay the bills
  • that my husband has found his passion and is so darn good at it
  • family that is so supportive and generous and already loves our little girl and boy (even if they don't know that they're a girl and boy yet!)
  • great friends
  • and so much more....

Sunday, November 21, 2010


No way are we at 21 weeks!  I know I say that every week, but seriously.  This is unreal.

This week we got bigger kicks, but babies are still evading daddy.  I call Mr. M over every time there is a kicking fit, but the minute he puts his hand on my stomach they quit!!  This morning, I'm pretty sure he felt one, but he said it was so light he wasn't sure.  This week was mostly full of work for both of us, trying to get things done before Thanksgiving.  We're both so ready for it!

This week/weekend we also:
  • assembled the dresser for the nursery
  • got the crib mattresses
  • did some cleaning and changing of the decor for Christmas
  • waited with anticipation for the cribs... only to find out they won't be here until this week
Physically I'm feeling quite a bit better-- I think it's because I was able to sit most of last week at work and wasn't standing/moving around as much.  I'm going to try to stick with that as much as possible!  It makes a huge difference.  It will be hard the weeks that I teach, but I'm going to try.  I'm really feeling pregnant and HUGE now (up 20 lbs which was my bogey for this point in the pregnancy-- and they're measuring big which is GREAT, but still...) 

Can't wait for Thanksgiving this week!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

20 weeks

Seriously. This seems like a huge benchmark.  It was a crazy week, but it's wonderful to hit the big 2-0!  Even though my halfway was a  week and  a half ago or so, this still seems like a big accomplishment. :) Four more weeks to viability!!

This week I decided that I don't have enough stress in my life :) so I decided to apply for a new job.  My job at work currently changed, so either way change is happening, and I figured I should just go for it.  Staying at the same company.  We'll see how that all goes... It's helped me not sleep so well this week.

In exciting news, while Mr. M was gone at a conference, my mom went marathon baby shopping with me!  We were looking for fabric to make crib skirts and curtains for the nursery.  After several stores, I couldn't look at fabric anymore.  It was so overwhelming!!! Great choices but hard to pick something that was gender neutral and went with the green that is already on the walls. 

After that, we went to BRU so she could look at cribs for her house and I could check out some stuff for the registry.  I ended up adding quite a few things to the registry, and it was a great trip.  While there we looked at bedding trying to find something I liked (I don't want a set- just skirts and sheets) but no luck.  We were exhausted, but my mom suggested we stop by a baby specialty store before heading home just to check it out.  So we did.  And guess what- we found our skirts, and bought an extra one to add a border to curtains. YAY!

Also, my sweet mother deep cleaned my kitchen and steam cleaned the nursery this weekend. SO nice to have that done and not have to clean until I feel like passing out.

This weekend on Mr. M's trip, he also stopped by IKEA and got our dresser.  WOOT!  This week (tomorrow probably) we will order cribs finally, and then we're set for a while. It'll be nice to get that done.

Monday, November 8, 2010

19 week appointment

19 weeks! Big ultrasound! YAY! here are the highlights:
  • up 19 lbs. Which is what I'm supposed to be but still. Ugh. that's a lot of weight
  • A is a ... GIRL!  B is still a boy!  No way are we having b/g twins!!
  • Both babies measure well- A is 10 oz, B is 11oz
  • Both babies have all of the body parts they were looking for
  • I'm no longer traveling for work
A was pretty chill during the u/s for a change- not wiggling too much, got great pictures.  B was the one who didn't want to cooperate this time.  Then, when we went back for the actual appointment, A was kicking the crap out of the doppler again. :)

A is still kicking all the time, and I definitely feel it.  B is harder to feel, or doesn't move around as much.  I mentioned that at my appt, and they said I would be feeling him more because he's so close to my skin!! The last couple of days, I haven't felt him as much so I've been listening with the doppler, and he's been quieter too... I get the heartbeat and it's a good rate, but it's faint and I can't get it close. Today I got a good listen, so that made me feel better, but still. I wish he would wiggle more! (Talk to me again in a few weeks and I bet I change my story!)

Anyway, all is good.  The nursery is officially cleaned out and this weekend we will steam clean the carpet.  I'm also going with my mom to pick out fabric for the curtains and bedskirts. Mr. M is picking up the dresser and some other needed items as well. Next week, we'll order cribs (we need to have them delivered after we get the carpet done and it's dry.

So much to do!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

19 weeks.

This week babies are 6" long and the size of a large tomato.  No freakin way.   I think everything has been a big blur for the last month or so.  I'm very aware that I'm pregnant, what with the shooting back pain, pulled muscle in my inner thigh, and pelvic bone that feels like someone took a hammer to it, but I think we might be in the denial stage of things.

That said, we have made great strides... we picked out cribs and mattresses and pretty much figured out where everything will go in the nursery.  I busted my rear this morning to finish cleaning out the nursery, and my mom is going to help me steam clean the carpet next weekend.  After our u/s tomorrow (where we most importantly hopefully see healthy and happy babies, and maybe even confirm that B is a boy and find out what A is) we'll order furniture for the room.  Mr. M has plans to paint the closet doors over Thanksgiving, and then we should be ready to rock and roll.  There are lots of details left, but that will at least give us the essentials. :)

As usual, I'm a bit nervous about our u/s tomorrow.  It will be great to get to see them, but I'm nervous that we'll be rushed through like last time (where we didn't get our full hour and all the measurements).  I'm getting my full time come hell or high water tomorrow!  I'm also nervous because I have a work trip coming up, and I'm really not sure it's in my or the babies best interest to take 3-hour flights and work 12 hour days to come back to a hotel, let alone haul luggage, etc.  We'll see how tomorrow goes and I'll let the Dr. know what's been going on so we can make the best decision.  The only thing that really matters tomorrow is seeing healthy little babies growing on track. If that's happening, I'm a happy mama!

I've been feeling more fetal movement lately-- in fact both babies are kicking away as I type this right now.  So amazing.  You still can't feel them on the outside, but I'm hoping that happens soon so Mr. M can enjoy this too. I'm sure in lots of ways it's great to be the guy in this situation (see all of the pain mentioned above) but I also think it would suck.  It's such a miracle to have these little lives growing inside of me.  I just love them so much already.  SO very thankful for this blessing!!

My next mental milestone (6 weeks was one, then 12, then 14, then 16... don't ask me why... those are just the "benchmarks" I had in my head) is 20 weeks, soon followed by 24.  I really think I'll feel like I can breathe easier at 24, knowing we've made it to viability.  After that, 36.  I would love to keep these babies in until 38 (as long as the doctor will let me go) but I think 36 marks my "not scary anymore" time.  We want to do anything we can to make that happen.

Lots of stress in our household these last few weeks, and more to come.  We're hoping tomorrow is a happy note that helps wash away some of the stress, and then we're on a mission to make it until Thanksgiving.