Sunday, November 28, 2010


So minus the crib fiasco this past week, things are the same. Working, stress from job change, prepping for babies!  This week also had the Thanksgiving and black friday craziness added to it, but also brought a nice break as we had several days off work.

Let's talk about the cribs... took us forever to pick them, then forever to order them, and they finally showed up on Tuesday.  Mr. M planned to set them up this weekend.  When they showed up, the brought the boxes in the nursery, and while they were kind of dinged up, we didn't notice much.  I went in on Wednesday to look at something else and noticed big gashes on the boxes on the sides facing each other.  One gash was in the shape of a V, so I peeled back that cardboard (box still closed, mind you) and could see a crib rail completely smashed. :(  Two long, annoying calls to BRU later and dealing with majorly incompetent people who lack the ability to offer good customer service, and a call to UPS to schedule the pickup, we thought we had it taken care of.   UPS said to expect pickup on Friday, and BRU said the cribs were on the way.  So Mr. M hauled them back out to the porch again Friday and off we went to shop.  By 5:30, they were still there.  So I called UPS.  Turns out that they got mixed up when I talked to them about their holiday schedule, and now they won't pick them up until Monday. UGH.  Oh, and add to that that nothing has happened with the status of the new cribs ALL WEEKEND LONG.  If these have so much as a dent, I'm demanding a refund+ some kind of credit and ordering from Amazon, who we should have ordered from in the first place.

On the bright side however, we got a Flip and a DSLR on black friday deals, and didn't have to go to the store! Thank you Best Buy online!  We woke up at our leisure that morning and headed out, where we proceeded to buy crazy amounts of baby clothes. :) YAY! So fun!

Thanksgiving was great with my family.  We also got our tree up and all of the inside decorating done!

Really excited that we're getting closer to our next appt on the 10th, and 24 weeks (viability!).

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