Sunday, December 5, 2010

23 weeks

One week to viability!  Babies, don't get any ideas.  You'd better stay put for a good 13 weeks, if not more. :)

This week was a busy one, and we finally accomplished several things:
  • Finished our registries! I still need to figure out the whole monitor situation, but feeling pretty good about that
  • Got cribs that weren't broken! WOOT!
  • Put the cribs together.  Well, Mr. M did that, but we have cribs!
  • Found material that will work for the curtains. in the form of clearance shower curtains from Target! :)  Now I need blackout fabric and to get to sewing... that may not happen until after Christmas
  • Got the bookshelf for the nursery from my parents' house.
  • Got more clothes for FREE with Kohls cash and a coupon. I think we're pretty set when it comes to clothes, since I bet we'll get some at our showers and after they're born as well
  • Registered for a breastfeeding and childbirth class after people at work convinced me we needed to do that
We also have lots coming up.  Our next appointment is Friday and I CANNOT WAIT!  We've been with the NP the last two times, and I'm ready to see our Dr. again.  That also means I can schedule the rest of our appointments, which will be wonderful.   Next week also starts a mad rush of holiday craziness.  Thank goodness the decorating is done, and Mr. M will put up the lights on TuesdayLuckily this weekend was pretty chill, and next weekend is free too, but this week and next I have busy weeks at work (including an interview...!) and the holidays are going to sneak up on us fast.  I haven't even done my holiday shopping yet! (Due in part to slacker family members who need to send their lists)  Starting in January, I'm going on lockdown.  I'm doing NOTHING.  Today a quick run to Kohl's and the grocery store for the basics was too much for me.  I wear down so easily now.  And it's critical that I relax-- these babies don't need any stress, and my body has to hold out for quite a while longer.  The good news is that last night when I was super worn out (from doing very little) I took my blood pressure, worried about what was going on and it was 102/50.  I can handle that!  Fingers crossed that Friday is a good appointment!

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