Sunday, December 26, 2010

26 weeks

What a week!  The contractions continued-- some days they'd happen a lot, and some days I would just get one.  Either way, they were freaking us out, as we were still deciding what we were going to do about traveling to see Mr. M's extended family for Christmas.  I called the office on Tuesday morning and was able to get them to work me in to just be checked since I had to come in for my GD test anyway on Wednesday.  I went in for the appointment, got my blood drawn, spent 20 minutes on the monitor (but not on babies-- they only have a singleton monitor) where I had no contractions, and got an internal check, where they assured me everything was fine.  I'm not crying wolf, I swear!  They were all really sweet about it-- I think a 10 hour drive makes sense to get checked out before. 

With that we decided to go ahead and drive.  After work on the 23rd (thank goodness I was working at home!) we packed, ran over to my parents' for an abbreviated Christmas celebration (bummer!) and left by 8:30 to get a start on the drive.  We stopped around 11, stayed in a hotel, and finished the drive on the 24th.  We had a great time with Mr. M's family, and they threw us a beautiful shower!  We are so very blessed to have such caring, kind and generous family and friends.

Overall, babies did well with the trip.  I had some contractions- more when I was pushing it, but I was able to sit/lay down when I needed to which was wonderful.  I did end up with some major swelling when I did too much on Christmas day, but I've gotten it under better control.  I finally am getting more kicks from B (yay!) but both babies made it hard to have my MIL and SILs feel them.  My MIL did get a kick, and from A, and one of my SILs was able to feel an elbow (or knee? we think?) near my belly button. :) It's amazing how much bigger they're getting.

Merry Christmas, sweet babies!  Can't wait to celebrate with you on the outside next year :)

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