Sunday, November 21, 2010


No way are we at 21 weeks!  I know I say that every week, but seriously.  This is unreal.

This week we got bigger kicks, but babies are still evading daddy.  I call Mr. M over every time there is a kicking fit, but the minute he puts his hand on my stomach they quit!!  This morning, I'm pretty sure he felt one, but he said it was so light he wasn't sure.  This week was mostly full of work for both of us, trying to get things done before Thanksgiving.  We're both so ready for it!

This week/weekend we also:
  • assembled the dresser for the nursery
  • got the crib mattresses
  • did some cleaning and changing of the decor for Christmas
  • waited with anticipation for the cribs... only to find out they won't be here until this week
Physically I'm feeling quite a bit better-- I think it's because I was able to sit most of last week at work and wasn't standing/moving around as much.  I'm going to try to stick with that as much as possible!  It makes a huge difference.  It will be hard the weeks that I teach, but I'm going to try.  I'm really feeling pregnant and HUGE now (up 20 lbs which was my bogey for this point in the pregnancy-- and they're measuring big which is GREAT, but still...) 

Can't wait for Thanksgiving this week!

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