Monday, November 8, 2010

19 week appointment

19 weeks! Big ultrasound! YAY! here are the highlights:
  • up 19 lbs. Which is what I'm supposed to be but still. Ugh. that's a lot of weight
  • A is a ... GIRL!  B is still a boy!  No way are we having b/g twins!!
  • Both babies measure well- A is 10 oz, B is 11oz
  • Both babies have all of the body parts they were looking for
  • I'm no longer traveling for work
A was pretty chill during the u/s for a change- not wiggling too much, got great pictures.  B was the one who didn't want to cooperate this time.  Then, when we went back for the actual appointment, A was kicking the crap out of the doppler again. :)

A is still kicking all the time, and I definitely feel it.  B is harder to feel, or doesn't move around as much.  I mentioned that at my appt, and they said I would be feeling him more because he's so close to my skin!! The last couple of days, I haven't felt him as much so I've been listening with the doppler, and he's been quieter too... I get the heartbeat and it's a good rate, but it's faint and I can't get it close. Today I got a good listen, so that made me feel better, but still. I wish he would wiggle more! (Talk to me again in a few weeks and I bet I change my story!)

Anyway, all is good.  The nursery is officially cleaned out and this weekend we will steam clean the carpet.  I'm also going with my mom to pick out fabric for the curtains and bedskirts. Mr. M is picking up the dresser and some other needed items as well. Next week, we'll order cribs (we need to have them delivered after we get the carpet done and it's dry.

So much to do!

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