Sunday, November 14, 2010

20 weeks

Seriously. This seems like a huge benchmark.  It was a crazy week, but it's wonderful to hit the big 2-0!  Even though my halfway was a  week and  a half ago or so, this still seems like a big accomplishment. :) Four more weeks to viability!!

This week I decided that I don't have enough stress in my life :) so I decided to apply for a new job.  My job at work currently changed, so either way change is happening, and I figured I should just go for it.  Staying at the same company.  We'll see how that all goes... It's helped me not sleep so well this week.

In exciting news, while Mr. M was gone at a conference, my mom went marathon baby shopping with me!  We were looking for fabric to make crib skirts and curtains for the nursery.  After several stores, I couldn't look at fabric anymore.  It was so overwhelming!!! Great choices but hard to pick something that was gender neutral and went with the green that is already on the walls. 

After that, we went to BRU so she could look at cribs for her house and I could check out some stuff for the registry.  I ended up adding quite a few things to the registry, and it was a great trip.  While there we looked at bedding trying to find something I liked (I don't want a set- just skirts and sheets) but no luck.  We were exhausted, but my mom suggested we stop by a baby specialty store before heading home just to check it out.  So we did.  And guess what- we found our skirts, and bought an extra one to add a border to curtains. YAY!

Also, my sweet mother deep cleaned my kitchen and steam cleaned the nursery this weekend. SO nice to have that done and not have to clean until I feel like passing out.

This weekend on Mr. M's trip, he also stopped by IKEA and got our dresser.  WOOT!  This week (tomorrow probably) we will order cribs finally, and then we're set for a while. It'll be nice to get that done.

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