Sunday, November 7, 2010

19 weeks.

This week babies are 6" long and the size of a large tomato.  No freakin way.   I think everything has been a big blur for the last month or so.  I'm very aware that I'm pregnant, what with the shooting back pain, pulled muscle in my inner thigh, and pelvic bone that feels like someone took a hammer to it, but I think we might be in the denial stage of things.

That said, we have made great strides... we picked out cribs and mattresses and pretty much figured out where everything will go in the nursery.  I busted my rear this morning to finish cleaning out the nursery, and my mom is going to help me steam clean the carpet next weekend.  After our u/s tomorrow (where we most importantly hopefully see healthy and happy babies, and maybe even confirm that B is a boy and find out what A is) we'll order furniture for the room.  Mr. M has plans to paint the closet doors over Thanksgiving, and then we should be ready to rock and roll.  There are lots of details left, but that will at least give us the essentials. :)

As usual, I'm a bit nervous about our u/s tomorrow.  It will be great to get to see them, but I'm nervous that we'll be rushed through like last time (where we didn't get our full hour and all the measurements).  I'm getting my full time come hell or high water tomorrow!  I'm also nervous because I have a work trip coming up, and I'm really not sure it's in my or the babies best interest to take 3-hour flights and work 12 hour days to come back to a hotel, let alone haul luggage, etc.  We'll see how tomorrow goes and I'll let the Dr. know what's been going on so we can make the best decision.  The only thing that really matters tomorrow is seeing healthy little babies growing on track. If that's happening, I'm a happy mama!

I've been feeling more fetal movement lately-- in fact both babies are kicking away as I type this right now.  So amazing.  You still can't feel them on the outside, but I'm hoping that happens soon so Mr. M can enjoy this too. I'm sure in lots of ways it's great to be the guy in this situation (see all of the pain mentioned above) but I also think it would suck.  It's such a miracle to have these little lives growing inside of me.  I just love them so much already.  SO very thankful for this blessing!!

My next mental milestone (6 weeks was one, then 12, then 14, then 16... don't ask me why... those are just the "benchmarks" I had in my head) is 20 weeks, soon followed by 24.  I really think I'll feel like I can breathe easier at 24, knowing we've made it to viability.  After that, 36.  I would love to keep these babies in until 38 (as long as the doctor will let me go) but I think 36 marks my "not scary anymore" time.  We want to do anything we can to make that happen.

Lots of stress in our household these last few weeks, and more to come.  We're hoping tomorrow is a happy note that helps wash away some of the stress, and then we're on a mission to make it until Thanksgiving.

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