Tuesday, February 1, 2011

31 week appointment

We had another check-up yesterday and everyone looks good still!  Babies are both measuring 3lbs and 11oz, so that's good news.  I'm trying to pack the protein still to get them up to good birth weights.  It always seems to me that the "estimates" that moms get right before delivery are always off.  And usually off on the low end.  I don't know if there is any truth to that, but regardless it's motivating me to pack a couple of lbs on each baby!  I would love to see them come out at 5lbs and some change, and would be thrilled at 6 or more lbs.  I don't know how my stomach is going to stretch that big, but hey.  They're worth it.  I'm currently measuring 38 weeks, and no shirts really cover my belly anymore without some long camisole help. :)

After seeing them again and everyone doing well, we told our parents they could spread the news that we're having a girl and a boy.  We also told friends last night, which was SO much fun!  I also started telling people at work who are LOVING finding out! 

We were kind of rushed out because we are currently being invaded by a blizzard (!) but had the chance to get a few things worked out:
  • I can elect a c-section if I want.  Which makes me feel better, b/c if they're perfect and my Dr. is delivering, I may go for vaginal.  The other doctor, not so much.  It makes me feel better that I can make that decision, unless of course they make it for me (which I sort of hope they do). 
  • I'm going to start working from home some each week to help me rest more. YAY!  It's getting darn near impossible to get through full work days. Ugh.
  • Starting at 34 weeks, I'll start doing weekly non-stress tests and fluid checks.  Which means more ultrasounds.  And will make me feel way better. WOOT!
  • Those are going to be at the hospital I'll deliver at. Double WOOT
  • our scheduled c-section got moved a day because of scheduling and now it's on a day that is very important to us. Which is just a fun coincidence. But YAY!
All in all, things are great.  Had a lot of contractions today, but have been at home (thanks blizzard!) so I've been able to lay down and drink lots of water to get them to go away.  Hang in there babies.  You have at least 5 more weeks before I'm letting you out! ;)

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