Sunday, January 30, 2011

31 weeks

Still hanging in there, but ready for a break.  Work got HARD this week.  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon and cannot wait to 1) check on the babies and make sure everyone still looks okay 2) see how big they measure and 3) get a note to start scaling back at work.  It is SO time for that.  I'll probably just work from home a couple of days a week but I have no doubt that not having to get fully ready in the mornings and being able to keep my feet up all day will make a huge difference.

Babies are still making big movements, but B still likes to fake me out.  I always get movement from A, but there have been several days where B makes smaller movements that are harder for me to feel/easily missed while I'm working and freaks me out.  Thank God for the doppler.  I can't wait to see them on the u/s!!

Baby stuff is almost all done- still need to install carseats (but now have to wait for a repair to Mr. M's car before we do that) and now that I think I've ordered everything I need, finish packing the hospital bag.  I'm still trying to do one thing a night, which I think is good. It's getting harder and harder, so hopefully we're done soon so I can just rest.  The plan is to get all this done, and then focus on resting so they stay in longer. 

Coming up this week: our appt with u/s, last childbirth class (!), breastfeeding class, dinner with friends on Friday who have twins.  Hopefully my first week working from home a few days a week.  Oh yeah, and supposedly a LOT more snow...

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