Sunday, January 2, 2011

27 weeks!

And what a crazy week it was!
Sunday was spent (as previously mentioned) out of town at our wonderful shower.  Monday we drove back home- about a 9 hour drive.  And we survived!  And it was long!  And I only drove 3 of those hours, but we both felt that was an accomplishment!  And now that means I'm on lockdown until the babies come.  (And really, I'm on lockdown after for a while, but whatever.)  I'm glad to not be traveling any more!

I had Tues-Wed-Thurs off work, and I pretty much don't know where they went.  We took down Christmas decor, I did thank you notes, got some cleaning and paperwork done, etc.   I had to work Friday, and while I had grand plans for what I was going to accomplish, other things took over.  We went out to a casual dinner with Mr. M's parents, and called it a night.  I do remember waking up around 12:30 and wishing Mr. M a happy new year as I rolled over. :) Saturday my mom and sister came over and cleaned the house.  GOD LOVE THEM for that.  It's so nice to have a clean house.  They are awesome!  I took a three hour nap, and then followed that up with 10 hours of sleep.  I guess I'm tired!  Today we ran a couple of errands (though I can't make it through much anymore!), I came home and read and took a short nap, and we're hanging out for dinner. 

I'm dreading going back to work tomorrow.  The good news is that we have a dr's appt with an u/s!  So we get to see babies!  This will be a LONG work week- I have tons to do and will have long days.  Next weekend we have nothing Saturday, but Sunday we have our first baby class-- newborn care.  It's an all-day class. Yikes.  I'm not sure how I'm going to stay awake that whole time!  Then that Monday we start our childbirth class, and Thursday we have a hospital tour.   I keep telling myself I just need to make it through the next two weeks and then It's smoother sailing.  January is a busy month for us. 

I know that half the battle of making it a long way in this pregnancy is going to be mental, but honestly I hurt so bad all the time that I wouldn't be super upset if I got put on bedrest.  That said, I hope that doesn't have to happen until March, but still.  I'm SO tired!  At this week's appt. I have lots of questions for my dr-- we didn't see her for two appointments, and when we did last time, they were in a big rush so I'm still stuck wondering on a few things... Like they said 38 weeks was it for twins... and then when we scheduled our appts they scheduled me a 39 and 40 week appt.  I was told early on I would do NSTs at some point, but last time when I asked to try to schedule those, they wouldn't.  I NEED ANSWERS PEOPLE.  Hoping this week brings some...

Babies are doing well, felt B more earlier in the week, but he's given me panic attacks several times the last few days.  He just likes to go long spurts without kicking. Not nice to mama!  A is always wiggling, so I know she's good... I just wish he would say hi a little more often.  Such a boy :)

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