Sunday, January 23, 2011

30 weeks.

This is a milestone that, to be totally honest, I wasn't certain we would make it to.  I have no doubt that my body and these babies have the ability to make it safely to my scheduled c-section, but with twins it's always so dicey.  Don't get any ideas little guys-- you aren't allowed to go ANYWHERE for at least 4-6 more weeks. 

This past week was a rough one, but good.  It's getting harder and harder to work every day.  It was nice to have Monday off after all of the shower excitement on Sunday.  I came in to work on Tuesday and it was a hard day.  It's all about physically hard lately- being achy when I get up from my chair, having a hard time walking, being exhausted all the time, and finding time to keep up with my eating/water schedule.  Wednesday we had an all-day meeting, which makes all of the above even more difficult, but it was nicely broken up in the middle with my surprise work baby shower!! I didn't expect it so soon, but I think everyone at work is seeing me slow down as well and thinks my time might be limited. :) It was perfect- a surprise (that I didn't think was for me-- it took me a minute to catch on!), a quick gift opening, and everyone turned to lunch.  Nice that I didn't have to be the center of attention for long.  Since we'd gotten most of the big stuff off the registry, they got us VISA gift cards, which are great.  It's the perfect gift-- we can use it for any baby stuff we need, or just for diapers when they get here.  So sweet. 

This week has also brought a large amount of winter weather!  Thursday morning we woke up to a good 9-10 inches of snow! I went in to work late, and the roads were horrible, but it's days like those that it pays to have a shorter commute.  It was the second day of our all-day meeting, and while that could have been painful, we had been scheduled to see a movie that afternoon... with the snow that was rescheduled, but we were encouraged to leave a bit early, so I totally took them up on that offer. :) Friday was a long day too, and I started swelling quite a bit.  It took a long time with my feet up for the swelling to go down.  Luckily, my blood pressure was just fine when I got home, and we were able to stay home and rest. 

Saturday, after much game planning,  we went to get the last items we needed off the registry.  We are now set with carseats and bases, bumbos, extra crib sheets-- we should be good to go.  Still on the to-do list (I'm a bad procrastinator!) is starting the hospital bags, though our stash of what we need is looking much better.  There's lots of little odds and ends to still do, but I feel like we're in much better shape.  Mr. M has been wonderful with spearheading the assembly and registration of all our new little items.  The house is still a swirl of boxes and little things that need to be put away, but I'll take it :)

Today hasn't been so great-- I've been nursing a bad headache and trying my best to not take Tylenol.  It started Friday, and has come and gone over the weekend but it's getting annoying. Sometimes it's little and dull, sometimes it pounds.  I'm trying to drink a bunch of water to help...  Babies are still making big moves this week, and taking turns scaring me.  A is active all the time, and I can usually count on a dance party mid-morning and lots of random times through the day.  B usually gives me a few kicks when I'm still laying in bed in the morning and after I settle down in the evening, with a few random ones throughout the day.  Lately B is kicking/moving more (or I'm feeling it more), but both have taken a day or two off their normal routines and that has occasionally left their mama worried!  After some cold water, sugar, or laying down I can usually get them to move a little more, and I know they're just fine.  One of my favorite things right now is feeling them change position.  A usually is low down and it feels like she's doing barrel rolls, so I don't normally get a flip from her, but B puts on a show a lot.  Laying is getting harder, as more than 45 min on either side ends up with a sore hip, so when I switch from my right to my left side (and B gets a lot more room) I can put my hand on my stomach and feel him rotate!  How amazing.  I'm going to miss these feelings when these babies come out, and though I often get too busy and miss focusing on their little moves, I'm trying to savor these moments and remember them, because all too soon they'll be over. :)

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