Sunday, January 9, 2011

28 weeks!

Another milestone!

This last week has been a busy one!  Tons going on a work, which resulted in mega ankle swelling.  Like cankles. Seriously.  Monday we had our Dr's appt, and that made us feel tons better.  Had an u/s- both look good.  2lb3oz and 2lb4oz respectively, heartbeats in the 150s.  Got to talk through some birth questions we had, which was well worth the long wait we had for this appointment.

The only thing that made me think twice was during the u/s the tech said something about wanting to confirm that A is a girl again.   She's said it at at least 3 appts, our last appt. at the other hospital confirmed it (and we have a three line picture), but she tried to look again and no dice.  SO, I'm sure little A is a girl, but I came home and checked every u/s picture we have. :)  The really good one she got a few appts ago we don't have a copy of, but I remember seeing the three lines on that one too.  The reason it freaks me out a little is that we're about to tell our mothers/family at my shower next weekend what we're having.  And if we say one of each, and then switch after, they might be disappointed.  Not that they wouldn't love two boys too, but it's easier if we're still the only ones that know.  Whatever.  It will be fine. :)

The biggest news from our appointment:  babies now have an eviction date!   If they don't show up before then, they'll be making an appearance on March 16th. :)  She called it a scheduled c-section date, but she's also talked induction in the past, so if they're positioned correctly I'm sure that's an option too.

So after a long week, we relaxed and did stuff around the house mostly this weekend, except for today, when we had our first class: Newborn Care!  Mr. M seemed a little stressed/worried this last week about everything becoming real with the babies coming not all that long from now (officially less than 10 weeks!), but he said that the class today really helped.  I think the more we learn about what we're supposed to be doing, the better we both feel.  I'm sure we'll be just fine, but like he said, not knowing what you don't know can be the worst part of all, so after the class, we felt a lot better.

This coming week we have the start of our childbirth class and hospital tour.  We got to see the babies in the nursery today, and they were adorable!  I think getting pretty familiar with the hospital will be good too-- hospitals are uncomfortable places for both of us, so hanging out where we'll deliver will probably desensitize us a bit (I hope!).

This week also brought more movement from both babies! YAY!  B has been wiggling more, and I just love feeling him move.  Not that I don't love A too, but she moves all the time :)  They're also big enough now that I can see my tummy move when they kick/punch, and when I get up from laying on a side, it's not uncommon to see a baby head/tush poking out somewhere!  B isn't such a fan of me laying on my right side, and when I do he scoots towards the middle, so when I get up, there is typically a little head poking up in the middle of my tummy and empty room on the right.  When I sit up, it's fun to feel as he slowly moves back down and to the right.  I still have tons of pelvic pain when I stand up, roll over, etc. but am feeling great about where I'm at.  To be 28 weeks with twins and not be on bedrest is a miracle, and we're thankful every day that my body and the babies hold up.  Stay safe in there little guys!  There's no way I would be doing this well if it wasn't for my wonderful husband who cleans, carries things, does laundry and chores, and encourages me to drink water and lay down.  He's amazing. :)

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