Monday, January 17, 2011

29 weeks!

(a day late, but it's been busy...)

Seeing each week go by is crazy.  This week we were BUSY.  We went to our first baby class last Sunday- Newborn Care.  Monday was a busy day at work, and then we went to our first Childbirth class.  They were predicting 3-4 inches of snow that night, so we were all a little anxious to make sure we didn't get snowed in at the hospital, but it held off.  It was a good first class-- just introductory stuff and understanding when labor actually starts, etc.  It was great to get started on that.  It's occurred to me this last week that this is real.  These babies are going to come out at some point (hopefully not for at least 7 more weeks!) and then we're going to have two babies.  Like, for real.  Crazy.

I've been trying to savor the pregnant moments more.  That's really hard with being stressed out about work, generally exhausted, and feeling like we have a million more things to do before these kids show up.  It's ever-present in my mind that this might be it for us.  I REALLY hope it's not, but you can't discount the fact that it was hard to get knocked up in the first place, my right tube is probably going to get worse the longer we wait after these two (thanks, Endo) and well... who knows.  And if this is it, then so be it.  We're blessed to be expecting two little ones.  I really can't complain.  But I feel like this isn't enough.  I would love, love, love to be able to do this again. 

This week we also had our hospital tour, which was great, but the room they take you to before a c-section freaks me out.  It's very sterile looking... I'm going to have to get over it though. :)  I'm leaning more and more towards a c-section... less what-ifs, more hospital time, more paid time off work... it's hard to say no to all of that.  Too bad it takes having major surgery to have all of those things.  We'll see how it turns out.  I'd better still pay attention in the childbirth class just in case... :)

The weight of these babies (or really, all the other stuff that comes with them, since their~6 lbs total doesn't really matter much) is really starting to take a toll.  I'm so very tired all the time.  Friday was a rough day at work-- I hit a wall around 1 and was starting to swell quite a bit.  I made it until 3:30 or so, and then had to go home and lay down.  My body just can't do it all any more.  My mental plan now is to make it normally until the end of January, then work from home 2-3 days a week in February, then bed rest as soon as we hit March.  I hope I can make it on that.  I don't want to overdo things and risk going into labor early, but I also can't afford to go on full bed rest yet.  Although given the option financially, I'd be all over it.

This week we also tried playing music for the babies for the first time.  A really loved the Glee songs/rock, and B liked classical music.  Or hated.  I'm not sure whether the kicks and jabs were "MOM and DAD! Make it stop!!!" or not.  

Our second shower was on Sunday, and was amazing.  We had 30+ people there, and were seriously showered with our gifts.  We're in such good shape!  There are several things we still need, so I'm hoping we can get some of that going this week so we're close to set up.  This week is also pack the hospital bag week.  I think once we have all of the stuff we need sorted, washed, set up, etc. I'll be able to just relax.

One of the best parts of our shower though was telling our immediate family that we're expecting a boy and a girl!  We hadn't shared that yet with anyone, and didn't want to before the showers, but my mom and sister have been giving us crap since we got pregnant about finding out and telling.  We didn't mention that we've known for quite a while now... they might kill us if they knew that!  After everyone left, we got everyone (only missing Mr. M's dad- we couldn't figure out how we could get him over there without it being totally obvious, and his brother who lives in another state) together and said we had hostess gifts for my mom and sister, and one for his mom since she did a lot for our shower over Christmas.  I kind of had to ruin the surprise a bit since I had two aunts who would.not.leave. and so I had to tell my SIL that she had to keep her mom from leaving until they were gone, and then had to ask my mom when they were leaving because I had gifts and didn't want to do that while they were there.  Oh well. Whatever.  We got them each bibs, one pink and one blue, saying "I love my Grandma" or "I love my Grandpa" (and Aunt for my sister) with little cards attached that said "love, baby A" and "love, baby B."  I got the whole thing on video- they were all thrilled and the aunts were all so very excited that they "could really go shopping now!" It was a fun moment to be able to share with our families. 

When we got home, Mr. M and my sister unloaded the cars (it took two small SUVs to get all of our stuff home!) and while I really should have been sitting and relaxing, it was killing me to not be organizing stuff. SO, I did.  I also took breaks to sit down every once in a while, but it was nice to get things going.  I also have done a lot of the baby laundry, which makes me feel better too.  Even if this stuff sits for 8 more weeks (yikes! That's all we have until my scheduled date!) I'd rather have that happen than come home from the hospital to lots to do. 

Today we have off of work, and have a doctor's appt. as well as our next Childbirth class, and lots to do!  Looking forward to saying 30 weeks next Sunday!  That's a great milestone!

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