Friday, March 26, 2010

the wonders of modern veggies.

So, my old blog had a lot of random posts about musings as well as recaps of what was going on in our life.

I miss that. It was normal.

Now I've been hanging out here being all depressing and shit.

So here we go: normalcy.

Last night, in a fit of ohshitwhatdoImakefordinner, I happened to have the ingredients for PW's awesome burgers (that make my husband LOVE me, buy the way. and want to run away with Ree... but I digress) and figured that with all that blue cheese awesomeness, we'd better eat something green. Cause you know. It's the adult thing to do.

I've gotten to be a cheater lately with the veggies. I didn't use to make them (bad, M! BAD!) because they are so much trouble to chop/steam/whatever, and we'd do a salad or something instead. But then I discovered the glorious wonder of STEAM BAGS in the frozen section. You know, the already prepped, cooks in 4 minutes, in the same bag it came in, extra dish and effort free solution! WOOHOO!

Honestly, I'm kind of scared that we'll get plastic poisoning or cancer or whatever the hell BPA gives you from heating our food in inflatable plastic bags, but the convenience can't be beat, and hey. It brought broccoli back into the mix.

So anyway, last night, I pulled my new find from the freezer to give it a try. We've had all kinds of stuff, but for the first time at T*arget the other day, I found asparagus in a steam bag! And I have this awesome recipe for asparagus where you broil it with lemon juice and goat cheese that is to.die.for, so I figured this couldn't be that different, right?

4.5 minutes later, psyched for dinner, I load up our plates and we sit down... to mushy asparagus. GROSS. What happened? It was all soggy and gross and made me feel like I was eating veggies that had been sitting at the bottom of my fridge for a week and a half.

SO, in summary:
Steam-in-bag veggies: FanFREAKINGtastic
Steam-in-bag asparagus: don't do it unless you want to gag

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