Thursday, March 25, 2010

to our future children

today a friend of mine mentioned that when she was little, she used to tell her parents "I wish you never adopted me!" and that made me think. think about the journey we're on. think about how I probably said the same thing (except it was "I wish you weren't my parents!" or maybe even "I bet I was an accident and you didn't even want me!"). and then I thought about you. our future children. the ones we so desperately want. the ones we cry because we don't have each month. the ones we would give our everything (and will give our everything) to have.

I hope you always know how much you are wanted. and I think that the bitter makes the sweet even better. so I hope that when you do say those things (because kids always say those things) that we keep our patience, and remember that even though it might be tough to be a parent, that this is what we have longed for, and will be ever so thankful for. and that we share with you how much we wanted you and waited and tried to bring you into the world, into our family.

your future mom

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