Sunday, October 3, 2010

14 weeks.

Holy crap! We made it to the 2nd trimester!! 

Nausea is starting to get better, but the heartburn is kicking in.  It seems like I'll have a good day and then a bad day.  I've actually thrown up more in the last two weeks than I did the whole rest of the 1st Tri!  I've gotten more of an appetite back, though, and don't have as many aversions.  It's a nice thing. :) My tummy now totally looks like a bump-- so much better than the extra chunky look I've been sporting for the last few weeks. I've also officially given up regular pants, and my tummy thanks me for it. :)

It's really fall now! The temps are cold, and this weekend I swapped out all of my clothes.  A lot got packed away until next year, but I was surprised to realize that a lot of my regular fall and winter clothes will likely get me through most of the fall. YAY!  I kept joking that I would have four things in my closet after I swapped the clothes out, and while I'm down to three pairs of work pants and one pair of jeans, I have a ton of tops and sweaters.  This weekend I also bought my first pair of maternity tights!  I have two maternity dresses, and when I wanted to wear one last week, I realized that I didn't have any tights... I ended up finding up one big pair without control top that worked... barely.  It's amazing how good it feels to have clothes that fit.

This past week we also shared our news with our extended families.  We're now completely "out," other than Facebook.  Our sisters are driving me crazy because they are upset that they can't post on FB about the babies yet, and don't get AT ALL that it's our news to share and we will choose when to share it.  They can tell anyone they want in person; we just don't want that news all over the internet yet.  Anyway, we called our grandparents on Wednesday night, and they were all happy to hear the news.  My dad's parents were the most excited-- these will be their first great grandchildren.  My grandma politely asked if she could tell my aunt, and I told her she could tell whoever she wanted.  News spread through the family pretty quickly after that. ;) So much fun!  We also sent an email sharing our news with Mr. M's family that went on our trip with us.  We got tons of emails back, thrilled to learn there were a couple of stowaways on the trip.

This coming week is a bit crazy... lots of work, Mr.M has a big week with his job as well, and next weekend we're going on a bit of a road trip... we'll see how that goes. :) A week from Monday, we get to see the bambinos again when we go in for our 16 w (15w1d) appointment. Can't wait! We listened to their little heartbeats last night with the doppler-- it's the best sound in the world.  We may even get to find out what we're having!  At our NT scan, the tech guessed that B was a boy, but it was pretty early to tell... I think it will be more real once we know :)

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