Sunday, October 17, 2010

16 weeks.

Is that unreal to anyone but me?  16 feels like a big number.

This week,
  • we saw our babies! again! never gets old. 
  • we worked. hard. and a lot.
  • we started cleaning out the babies' room... that's quite an endeavor...
  • we made our first real baby purchases (two onesies from Old Navy, a baby gate that we will actually use for the dogs
I'm starting to feel big. HUGE, in fact.  And then I remind myself that I have a LONG way to go, so I'd better not freak out yet.  There are stretchmarks involved, people. That's not cool.  And my pre-pregnancy shirts aren't going to last much longer.  

The other fun development is that last night, I started to get a weird pain... the best way I can describe it is that it's a cross between doing the splits too far and sitting on a bicycle seat for too long.  It feels like it's in the tendons/ligaments at the very tops of my inner thighs.  Luckily, it's only when I move certain ways, but it's stuck around all day today.  If it's still here tomorrow, I'm calling the Dr's office.  I also have some back pain, but it's not bad.  Hoping these aren't permanent, because it's going to be a long 20+ more weeks if they are!!

At my Dr's appointment earlier this week, they also told me I would likely feel the babies soon... now every pinch, pull, bump, and flutter makes me wonder if it's a baby moving.  I've decided probably not, but you never know... here's to hoping I can feel them soon.

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