Sunday, August 8, 2010

6 weeks

First, let's play catch up:
  • Got numbers back on Monday the 26th. From when I had bloodwork done on Friday (11dpo) - hCG 49, Progesterone 50. Definitely pregnant.  Nurse said Progesterone is rockin', and though she said she couldn't guarantee, she felt like that number was a good sign baby isn't etopic. WOOT.
  • Immediately asked if I could get another hCG to make sure my beta was doubling.  She was all over it, so I went in and had blood drawn again.  Especially since we were leaving Tuesday night to go out of the country, I wanted some numbers to make me feel better. Nurse said she wanted to see over 150.
  • Oh yeah, and later that night I started spotting.
  • Tuesday morning, I got the call:  Monday's bloodwork (14 dpo)- hCG 200.  I guess I really am pregnant.
  • Had lots of conversation with the nurse about spotting (brown and very little pink).  No cramping with it.  Still freaking me out
  • Spotting stops.  I go on vacation full of: sleeplessness, not eating at regular times, bouncy/windy car rides on the left side of the road, not drinking enough water, not being able to pee when I need to.  Lots of general stress. Many crying fits with my husband, worried that all of this craziness can't be good for the baby.  
  • Symptoms (or just from all of the above craziness): nausea (better when I eat more often), sore boobs, face breaking out, bloating, having to pee all the time. YAY!  Because I am neurotic, I bring a good 10 pregnancy tests with me so I can keep testing to make sure the line gets darker.  Got to the point where it was super-dark and couldn't get darker.  Decided I'm insane.  But it made me feel better.
  • Through all of this, Mr. M was FABULOUS.  Willing to stay back with me if I needed a nap or felt sick or wanted to come home early, even though I made him go a lot.  And genuine about it too. Not just "I'm offering because I'm supposed to" -- it was legit.  What a wonderful, wonderful man I married.
So here I am now, back in the US, and 6 weeks pregnant. WOW.  Still worried that baby isn't growing or that all of that craziness in the first few weeks of life are going to cause baby harm, but trying to calm down.  It's killing me that I have to wait until 9 weeks for my first ultrasound.  I can't wait to hear that itty bitty heartbeat. :)

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