Thursday, August 19, 2010

oh baby, bab(ies)

I've been freaking out for the last two days... my symptoms all seemed to fade, if not stop. Nausea? gone. Boobs hurting? gone. Face? clearing up.  Last night, I barely slept, worrying about everything.  I decided I had to call and at least try to get in early for my appointment.  (It was set for the 31st- just shy of two weeks from now.)  When I called, I got my favorite nurse, who was super-sweet.  I asked if they even had 5 minutes to squeeze me in.  She asked when my appointment was scheduled for, and I told her.  Her response was "No it's not. We're getting you in today!" Love her.

Mr. M came and picked me up from work-- I was suddenly nauseous and freaking out.  We went back, hoping to just see a little heart beat hanging in there... and saw TWO! IT'S TWINS!!!

I think both of us just paused for a minute and couldn't move. Amazing. Incredible. God answered our prayers so much more than we ever expected. Two blessed babies, measuring 7w1d and 7w3d (I'm 7w4d today, so perfect) and with heartbeats at 154 and 160 (again, perfect).  Thrilling. Shocking. Ohmygod we're going to need two of everything!!  Who cares. What a blessing.

We're shocked and thrilled and everything in between.

Little babies, we prayed for you, and asked God to bless us with just one, and what do you know, he thought we were fit to be parents to two.  Everything we went through was so very very worth it.  And you know how I know it was God? She found the corpeus luteum (?) on the right ovary.  That's right. The side where "endo has attached the tube to the wall and it's kinked shut like a garden hose."  The one "we don't expect to work."  The one "you'll need a specialist to take care of."  Yup.  It's a miracle.  We promise to love and care for you, little ones, like the blessings you are.


7w4d pregnant... with TWINS!

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