Friday, July 23, 2010

holy crap.

Today was my post-op appointment. This month, we tried, since we didn't want to miss a month, but I wasn't holding out most hope. When I ovulated, I cramped on the right side, and I figured it was a loss. Everything else went right (good EWCM, progesterone levels back at 25, great timing, etc.) Since I had an appointment this morning (11dpo), and we're going on vacation next week, I thought to myself "I'll just test. It'll probably be negative, but on the far off chance it's positive, it would be good to know since I'll be there anyway."

So I sleepily went to the bathroom. And took a test like I always do. And tried to keep my mind busy reading the test insert while I waited. And then I looked at the test.

And where I've seen a stark-white, no chance in hell you're pregnant space before, there was a line. My first thought was "thank you, God for never abandoning us!" The second thought was "holy crap!!" And then I started shaking.

Luckily I had PIAC (sorry, TMI), so I took a digital. Surely so soon it wouldn't say positive yet, right? And on the screen I've cursed so many times for telling me with very little tact "not pregnant," there it was:


No freakin way. So I took the other FRER. And another line. WOW

I always thought I would tell Mr. M in a fun way, I ran into our bedroom at 5:30 a.m. and the conversation went like this:

"babe!" (frantic and ugly crying)
"we need to go to church every sunday for the rest of our lives!"
"because we're going to have a baby!"

And then I cried. And then he woke up.


I'm feeling positive. We both feel like this is unreal. At my appointment, I had a ton of blood drawn so we should have levels back on Monday. How I'm going to make it until then, I'm not sure. My doctor was really positive, but reminded me that it's still early, and that with my kinked tube, there's more of a possibility of a tubal/etopic pregnancy. So we're praying. A lot.

Thinking good thoughts for Monday.

3 weeks pregnant

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