Sunday, July 11, 2010

a better weekend.

This weekend tops last weekend by A TON. First of all, I'm not in bed watching crappy TV. Second, we got to have a great date night last night (complete with a fried mars bar. Which sounds nasty, but was AMAZEBALLS.) Third, I got to see girlfriends today! Girlfriends I haven't seen in a couple of months! So much fun to catch up. And crazy to tell them all of the nutty things we've had going on for the last couple of months.

Unfortunately, one girlfriend told us about her brother in law and his wife who it seems are having TTTC too. It's so hard to hear about others going through the same things because I wish so hard that no one else had to go through this. It sounds like she had a LAP too, and that they have both male and female IF. That has to be rough. Thinking good thoughts for them too, though I've only met them once... let's hope we're both over this hurdle soon.

On a more fun note, we're not all that far from vacation. And I can't wait!!

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