Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Here we go, here we go, here we go again!

So, thanks to the lovely clo*mid, I ovulated on CD 16. (FF says 15, but my CD 16 temp is whacked, and I can't get it to agree with me. But OPKs, cramping for 15 min BAD, which happens the day of O every cycle, etc. tell me 16. Whatever. We'll agree to disagree.) Which is awesome! And I hope my LP is rockin (please be over 12! That would be AMAZING!) this cycle too. So YAY!

Here's the bummer though. Thanks to early ovulation, if my LP isn't long enough, and next cycle follows this one's pattern, we may miss out on next month. We have back to back work trips. Which sucks. But in 10 (that would be 11) months TTC, I'm surprised that this would be the first time that would have happened. So. That's the way it goes.

With this being the first month on meds, the hopeful bug is getting to me again. I go back and forth between "it's just another month, we'll see what happens, I'm getting used to this" and "holy crap! this could be it! what if clo*mid does the trick! I ovulated earlier! my LP could be longer! this could make the difference! what if we have TWINS!" Yeah. That last part probably isn't helping. Because that's when I start counting months and when we could tell people again. And we know where that's gotten me the last 9 months... I'm trying to stay calm, but I'm on pins and needles waiting to see how long my LP is. I even bought pregnancy tests yesterday. I haven't tested (like seriously expecting that maybe it would be positive) in a long time. But I rationalized that since I don't know how long my LP will be, if it's past 12 or 13 days, I might test then just to see. To keep my whole "psych-it-out" thing going, I bought the extra large pack of digital OPKs and a 3 HPT kit. You know, the whole "if I buy all this stuff, this will have to be it because I spent all this money" and "if I get to excited it won't happen" things.

Anyway. Biding my time.

To help, I spent last weekend getting stuff done! I painted our hallway, painted some closet doors and trim, planted some peonies, cleaned some stuff in the basement, and put together a clothes storage thing. And probably some other stuff I can't remember. But I was really proud of my industriousness. And I hope to continue that trend. ;)

hoping the next week and a half fly right by....

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