Thursday, January 14, 2010

rollin right along

part way through January. days from ovulation. just letting it happen. ordered making babies... interested what it has to say. i kind of feel like this cycle is doomed to be a wash, since my dr's appointment is next month. can't wait for that. thinking i want to start telling some close friends when we start to get a diagnosis. if we get one. but i feel like i need to have some answers or be on the way to them before i start telling people.

i want to say it a million times a day- i think it would explain a lot. it's killing me to keep it a secret. especially when i was sitting with my co-workers today, including one who just came back from maternity leave this week, as they talked about how to cure their babies dry skin with aquaphor. that's when it hit me- i'm the only childless one. that's hard.

so. cycle 7. stopped at walgreens today and went ahead and stocked up on baby-making supplies. it's getting old going twice a month: once for tests, and once for OPKs and tampons.

oh. and add to that: work has been good lately. fulfilling. manageable. like somewhere i could stay for a while longer. a few of us had a discussion today about how we all feel the other shoe is about to drop. let's just say i've been keeping my eyes open for other opportunities. but the thought of changing jobs and/or employers right now is pretty crazy. hopefully things will just happen the way they're supposed to happen...

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