Sunday, January 10, 2010

mmmm beer

The upside of not being pregnant yet = I can still drink really good beer. The first few months we were trying, I would always try to end the month on a good beer. Because, of course, that might be my last beer! And how depressing would it be if my last beer was something like a Bud Light? :) So silly. Now I don't care if my last beer is a PBR-- I'd just like a BFP.

But, that meant a lovely date night with Mr. M, enjoying pints of a local brew and some good dinner. Always a silver lining, right.

In other news, also silver lining and beer related, we might get the opportunity to go on another European vacation this summer. The last two summers, I've been to Europe. How spoiled are we? The first was with my mom and sister, and last summer it was with Mr. M. This time it's with the in-laws. We've talked about it, and to us, it's a no-brainer that we'll still try to get pregnant, because no trip to anywhere is worth missing a month that might be the one. ...But what a lovely consolation prize if it still hasn't happened.

As a side note (not that this whole thing isn't a bunch of side-notes... I'm so random)I've decided this is my favorite part of a cycle. Post-AF, pre what we call "sex week," and before I get my hopes up. The TWW sucks. So here I am, in cycle bliss. :)

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