Sunday, September 12, 2010

11 weeks.

11 weeks. Wow.

I thought I would feel so much further along by now!  We have our next appointment this coming Thursday, and I was all excited about it... until I found out that the first trimester testing needs to be done between 11w and 13w6d.  I asked about it at our last appointment, and the NP said that my Dr. would talk to me about it at my next appointment.  I'm not so worried about the bloodwork- that's easy to get done while I'm there, but they don't have an ultrasound scheduled for us. Ugh.  I'm going to try to call tomorrow to see if they can schedule that while I'm there. 

Anyway (trying to move on from that frustration). 

This last week has been good-- nausea calmed down a bit, and I could actually ask Mr. M what he wanted for dinner!  I also managed to cook dinner and eat it a couple of nights last week. That's HUGE!  Unfortunately, it's back in full force today.  But hey, I'll gladly take any break these littles want to give me. :)  Other symptoms are still sticking around, which can be a little annoying, but I'm always glad for the reminders that there are babies growing inside me. :)

That's especially important when we're having shoddy luck with the doppler.  We tried again today, thinking we might get to hear both, but didn't end up finding any heartbeats.  I'm not freaking out, though, because the last few times we've heard the heartbeat on the doppler, it's been further up (not sure if we're just hearing one, or if sometimes we get one and sometimes we get the other).  This is more than I want to really share, but the further up they go, the more they're tucked behind some fat, and that probably makes them a little harder to hear... That's what I'm telling myself anyway.

I'm so ready (and so is Mr. M) to start telling people!  It's getting harder and harder to hide my growing tummy.  I read that with twins, your uterus is the same size as a woman with a singleton 6 weeks ahead.  So that means mine is about the same as a 17-weeker now. That would explain the growing.  Anyway, the plan was after hearing them this coming Thursday, we would tell immediate family, and then other friends and family when I'm 12w4d.  With all of the NT scan stuff not being scheduled, we may change our plan.  We'll have to wait and see how it all pans out. 

Thank God for Mr. M!  He's supportive and wonderful when I feel sick, tired, or cry over my lack of concealing clothing.  He goes to get me the craving of the moment, and picks up the load for me when I don't feel like I can get up.  BEST. HUSBAND. EVER.

Hoping this week brings good news, trying to chill out and rest, and not freak out. :)

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