Sunday, November 11, 2012

11 weeks

Well, kiddo.  We're still on a roller coaster for sure, but it's been better this week.  I have great, happy, positive moments, and sad, worried stressed moments, but I'm trying to error on the side of positive.  I'm having trouble with how to pray about this...   Do I pray that it stays small and we can take care of it at the c-section?  (Less risk to you overall, but if it's cancer it could spread)  Do I pray we go in and take the cyst our while I'm pregnant?  (Because if it's cancer, than at least it's OUT!)  Ugh.  I just want you to be safe, and me too.  Anyway... trying not to think about it.

This week my symptoms started to mellow out, thank goodness.  Less breast pain, less cravings, and less food aversions. Woohoo! Most of my clothes still fit (yay!) but it's getting harder and harder to hide at work. And especially with my transition to a new job I'd like to keep it under wraps a little longer, but you might not let me!

Best part of this week:  hearing you for the first time on the doppler at 11 weeks exactly.  I've been trying once a week for the last couple of weeks, and it was wonderful and reassuring to find you. I try not to use it very often, so I will probably wait to try again until before my next appt... just have to make it through this week and then we get to see you on u/s again!

Prayers, prayers, prayers!!!

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