Saturday, February 27, 2010

keeping track...

in the interest of keeping track:
  • last week Mr M was sick sick sick. By last Saturday (and the start of a Z-pack) he was good to go. He even said "why aren't you sicker??" He was totally a trooper and made it through "sex week" even though he felt like crap.
  • Sunday came and... I got sick. I spent all week feeling like crap.
  • Friday came and was officially TEST day! Due to scheduling and early office closing times, we had to go in the middle of the day. For the first time EVER, I didn't cry or freak out about getting bloodwork done. I hate needles, but like I told the nurse, I've never wanted bloodwork more in my life. I got in and out at the Dr. and then ran home to get J and take him for his test. Again, in and out, and back to work. It's totally surreal to go back to work after all of that... on Friday afternoon none the less.
  • Both of us are feeling neutral about the tests. We should have answers on Monday... EEK!
  • Not feeling very optimistic this cycle. Temping has been all kinds of messed up b/c of illness, bad sleeping patterns, etc. Timing was okay. Not expecting much. I would be SHOCKED if this month is it. I think that's where I'm starting to get to overall... Even though we're actively trying, I would be shocked if it happened. Is that bad? I call it coping...
  • Not sure if I mentioned this, but friend who recently announced her pregnancy found out she's having TWINS! Still thrilled for her, but it's a little bitter sweet...

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