Wednesday, December 9, 2009

a whirlwind in bullets

  • I love the Christmas season. Like, a LOT. I always look forward to it. Yet, this time around I'm not feeling it.
  • We've been out of town the last two weekends. It was fun, but exhausting. This time of year, travel is a bitch.
  • Especially when the biggest snowstorm of the year hits and you have a 25 minute layover in Denver. That's a recipe for disaster (luckily averted!) and a sprint through the airport.
  • I'm so over work right now. I am so SICK of doing the job of two people.
  • We're on to month 6. We keep trying to focus on hope, but it's so hard.
  • I'm so very thankful for my life. As much as I'm discontent and wishing for a change (job getting better, time to relax, A BABY), we're incredibly blessed. And I'm trying to remind myself of that often... but it's hard.
  • Holidays are even harder when you want to be pregnant.
  • I want to be happy.
  • Usually I'm a big old ball of crafty goodness over the holidays. I'm a cookie baking machine. But this year, don't know if I'll have time.
  • Our tree has been up since mid november.... and it's still not decorated. oops.
  • ugggghhhh.

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